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Top 11:Best Videogame companies.

Best videogame companies.Sorry,cant get all of them,i got better ones,but im too lazy.My bigger list is like 200 companies!
WARNING:May include awesome videogame companies.

List items

  • I work there,and they make great games...So,thats why they're number 1.

  • Epic Games is a success,they made the Gears Of War franchise,and maked some great games,they fell when they made the cleanly emberrasing Too Human.Good riddance.

  • When i really fell for Radical Entertainment was when,well...This June.Its not a joke.

    This June they were with Activision to create years maybe best superhero game behind InFamous,called Prototype.

  • Bethesda was the company who created the pure genius Fallout 3,and ofcourse the whole franchise itself.

    They made great games until the latest one,didn't remember its name though.And they're also working to get Bully out in Japan,Ha!And we got it here 3 years before them!

  • EA Sports is the publishers of the Fifa franchise,the SSX franchise,the NHL franchise,and so on.They made a quite good selection of games.Some of they were sadly mediocre.

  • Eidos Studios Montreal was the publishers of the Tomb Raider franchise.I dont know anymore,i aint much of an eye on em and news about them,but more than that i dont know,apperantly.

  • Might not be much of a company,but they made the Unreal Franchise.

  • Sierra has one of my most favourite games,they also made the pretty emberassing The Bourne Conspiracy.

  • Heres a good company,iv'e played some of their games,i cant remember any,only The Bourne Conspiracy,again.

  • Sure,it should be higher,but i dont really like the Halo franchise so much.

  • They have good games,but not so many,and they're not really perfect,like Bethesdas Oblivion,it wasn't perfect either,but 99% perfect......