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like a big turd turning around in the toilet 0

 Fable I was an interesting and superior mashup,but this just wrecks its extremely fine flow.   Fable I was an insane superior game,but when Fable II was announced,everyone was like OMG,but when it came out,they were suprised of this super,but though lame game.  Fable II is an great game,but not enough for me to like it much,though its an pretty decent game.Though its shit-easy,i did not like the thing the system that makes you good,evil,or funny,or non-funny,etc. Because the system was messy an...

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Epic sandbox expierence! 0

 This game had almost no problems,it was epic,you could edit the character well,and there was alot of cool haircuts and stuff.The game starts at birth,and it is in Vault 101in beginning,Vaults are build in the late future,around the 2030's.After your friend Jonas and your dad escapes from VAULT 101,you escape yourself,to follow in his footsteps.You go to the town of Megaton,meet various people like Lucas Simms,which is many parodys off on youtube and maybe MySpace.You ask Colin Moriarty and many...

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Huge sandbox epic game! 1

Best builder game i've played!I love it!You can spawn many characters,the blue guys,gman,gordon,alyx,dr kleiner,ANYONE!And the best part is theres a various maps to choose from,and you can build whatever you want!Houses,cars,busses,airplanes,what else?Well try the game.The game is based on the half life story,so i guess it can be good,hehe.You can use any gun they use in the half life trilogy,and thats sweet!Theres absouletly not a detail to complain about in this game....

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Worst game ever made. 0

This game is qualifed bullshit.   You start with flying through some rings,and then you think ok,ehhh....thats co....ol.And then after the rings you're gonna pick up 2 cars before they hit the innoncent people.Then more rings!Than cars,then rings!ITS REALLY BAD!And when you crash into something you wont die and you really often get stuck.The graphics is really bad.And you have to go through ALL,then i mean ALL the rings.  Thats all,the game is just really,really bad....

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Prototype the epic review! 0

Prototype is one of the most biggest things right now,it was absoloutely Activision's newest BREAKDOWN. STORY: The story is about Alex Mercer,an intemidate virus.The whole military in town are after Mercer,now its your turn to break em' down.When Alex Mercer escapes the virus researching hospital ''Gentek'',he is curios about who he is and whats hes doing here.The first mission is finding clues about your past,finding out who you are,and finding your sister Dana. GAMEPLAY: The gameplay has to be...

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Old school madness! 0

Time for some old school shit!This time im reviewing Friday The 13th on the NES.  The game begins with a start screen you press start,then you start the game and then the first thing you do is choose a camp counselor.Yeah,thats right you dont play as jason it sucks ass. Anyway,when you start the game the graphics are blury as most of the old games.The main idea is to collect lighters and then go into cabins to light up chimneys.The easiest enemy in the game is zombies.The first weapon of the gam...

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The old days are back..... 0

First i thought,WOAH the next GTA seems like its gonna be great graphics and stuff,but i was wrong,its the old days REVENGE!  STORY: The story is just there is no story,HAHA!.No seriously,there is no god damn story,well you're just a guy trying to do shit with some drug shipments. GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is pretty good,it gives you a good experience and i'll bet 500 bucks you'll enjoy it!The weapons are such as Katanas,and ofcourse guns.And then theres just the normal gta history,do missions,kill...

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Wow,a max payne clone. 0

John Woo's ''Stranglehold'' was not very enjoyable.Its an HUGE ripoff of max payne,i mean the moves and all is just Max payne....MAX FUCKING PAYNE! STORY: The story is about a guy named Tequila,a chinese agent on way to total max payne breakdown,hehe.The game begins in an explainatory Marketplace,yeah,a MARKETPLACE!,in Hong Kong.And then its about 13 levels or so. GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is pretty bad.The moves are too max payne,but good i guess,i like max payne so good i guess.and if you get sho...

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Wanted:Weapons Of Fate epic review 1

Wanted:Weapons Of Fate is a game that views the history of the movie ''WANTED''.The game looks great and i think its an epic game.  STORY: The story is a little messy,but the story is that a woman,actually the main characters mother,gets shot while shes pregnant,and dies.The story contuines with you waking up in the wrong apartment,and looks through rooms,goes down the stairs and find swat guys searching a picture of your dead mother.And then its carnage time! GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is good,just...

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Good idea,not good gameplay. 0

This game was horrible.The gameplay sucked and the characters were just weak.You cant turn around without attacking.And the enemies are instantly easy.I cant believe i actually spent 299 bucks on this.This game was terrible.Sure,the combat might be a little excisting,but then after about 30 minutes,i got into some forest and opened gates and that,then i got to a statue,it told me to enable spider skill,i checked the controls and pressed the button to enable spider skill but nothing happened,so i...

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Best game i have ever played.... 0

Silent Hill :Homecoming is a blood and gore violent sandbox game that is the 5th game of the Silent Hill series.In this game,we see a new character,Alex Shepherd,after being down in army battle,he is taken to a unknown hospital,in Silent Hill.Alex is helpless in the hospital,realesed from his chains,and looking for his family.In the beginning of the game you look around in a creepy room,finding health drinks,and flashlights etc.You see Josh in the hospital,and follows him.You find a combat knife...

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a good ripoff? 0

Saints Row 2 is a violent sandbox game that have sold more than 800,000 examples.This game is a huge ripoff of Grand Theft Auto,but the question is:is it a good ripoff?Well,i guess.The game was one of the most high-experienced games i have ever played.This game was great.The graphics was okay.I liked the gameplay.The story cutscenes was high definition viewing,so thats a plus.The clothing choices was awesome.It had tons of possibilities with clothing,and the characters were creatively made.Some ...

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Mirror's Edge review 0

This game looked amazing.And that was what it was.I really enjoyed playing this.I started the game,and the training in the beginning was boring,and really easy.The good things i really liked was the first person mode.That makes the game real.I also liked the graphics.They were amazing.They were almost no glitches at all,which is okay.I dont like unreality things too much.The cool thing is that the weapons are only pistols,but they are still cool.The sound effects are great.When you talk in a rad...

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OutOfBounds9000 reviews:50 Cent BULLETPROOF 0

This game was great for my style.When i looked at the back of the box,i saw great poem text and all that,which made me excited!I couldn't wait to play this game!The first thing i saw with the game was the graphics.The graphics wasn't very good,but the gameplay was okay.The story doesn't tell you much at all,just 50 standing at a roof,talking that NY's dangerous.Well,thats excisting!!!!!!!Well the story is a bit outta hand,but okay.The missions are great.You start with 50 with his crew,fighting t...

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OutOfBounds9000 reviews,50 Cent Blood on the sand. 0

When i first saw the package,i thought,this game looks kinda like a game like GTA,sweet!But no,this game is not like GTA at all.I started the game and well,it went well in the beginning,well first when you pick New Game,you can pick of 3 sidekicks:DJ Whoo-Kid,Lloyd Banks,and Tony Yayo.But those sidekicks seem not to do anything for you.I started the game and well,all the sidekicks did was stand on my shoulders so they can come up to high places,and help you open gates.not much else.They are usel...

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