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@zevvion: Is Labor in the next government coalition? from what i understand they had an unprecedented crash in the polls going from about 32 mandates to 6.

I'm glad that Wilders didn't win unlike a lot of other right wing politicians on the scene atm he is actually somewhat of a fascist, that type of person doesn't belong in government.

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I'll use initials here just cause.

I'm pretty 'far left', something lots of people would consider an SJW, and I found CM's tweet annoying at most. But when you put in context to the rest of what he's been doing recently, and when you lump in his second tweet in response to criticism, it's kind of hard for me not to say good riddance.

There's another sorta high profile career suicide happening right now as well coming from initials JT or JJ (his online personality vs. the actual person). He said some absolutely reprehensible crap I won't go into. Lots of people are now discussing whether he should be criticized like he is if he has a right to say what he wants. People like CM and JT both use free speech as a shield against criticism. They'll say horrible things or, on the other side of the spectrum, make stupid casually sexist jokes and go like, "Whoa whoa whoa is this free *waves flag frantically* America or is this Maoist China amirite??? Haha."

Anyways. As a liberal, say whatever the hell you want. But be aware of what you say and that maybe the shitty things you said to and among your friends in high school and college doesn't really fly anymore.

Subscribe to JonTron and Pewdiepie.

Wasn't interested in them before but recent events turned me around, good people.

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I don't get it how do you DDOS a person? and how is this any different to any of the probably dozens of DDOS attacks that happen everyday. it happens and passes within a day at most. whats the big deal.

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@kcin: I like NWA and Run DMC because of the music, not because I needed them as proof I'm not a racist.

I brought them up because you made it sound like I need to support black artists now, when buddy, I've been doing that subconsciously for a long time.

Stop projecting, thanks!

You are my hero! i don't know how you have the energy to discuss this stuff when you are going to be called all the names under the sun soon enough.

Keep up the good work!

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@wynnduffy said:

Do we need a Meme Union?

Is this that post modernism all the kids have been talking about?

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What's Alexis up to these days? didn't he go to Twitch?

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@shindig said:

Polygon will not be reviewing this because they thought it was too hard.

No Caption Provided

Polygon are a bunch of softies.

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I love Bill Burr hes my favorite comic going atm.

Haven't seen the special yet.

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@sysyphus said:

After thinking about this further the problem isn't even Trump.

Trump is doing what he said he would do. Perhaps the real problem is the power the President holds that allowed this in the first place.

Or perhaps the real problem is the people who put this man in the most important office in the world. He is a lot of things; rapist, racist, demagog, sexist, liar, bully and many more things. That none of these were deal breakers as long as he said he would get foreigners out of the US says a lot about his voters.

This might sound hyperbolic, but I literally think that five, maybe ten years down the line, the people who voted for him last year, will have the same feeling that the German people who democratically elected Adolf Hitler had. To which degree we will have to wait and see. I am a soldier myself, and I for one cannot see a situation where I will not be legally bound to fight in a large scale war in the next ten years. The world Is truly a dark place now.

This is some delusional stuff right here.

A temporary 90 day immigration ban from 7 terror exporters will cause Hitler?

Trump is a rapist?

War is coming and were all fucked?

I need to stop posting in these forums for fear of insanity.

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@chrissedoff said:
@wynnduffy said:
@chaser324 said:

@owack6: I guess I too could've found a better source, but the point about FrontPage Magazine's obvious political slant remains.

Which is pretty funny when you think about what a mess it is to find a "good" source with all the fake news drama.

SPLC is an excellent source. chaser324 is being far too accommodating --possibly dangerously so-- to smears on what is the authority on identifying hate groups in the United States. It's just a sign of the times that identifying somebody as a bigot makes you a bigger meanie than being part of a hate group.

Indeed. The Southern Poverty Law Center are good peeps. They fought against Jim Crow laws for decades, were allies of Dr. Martin Luther King, and are still combating racial inequalities in the justice system today. Without going too into the weeds on this, the only folks who regularly criticize the SPLC are the "reverse racists are the real enemy" kind of crowd.

I'm mainly chiming in on this thread to commend @jeff and @danryckert for speaking out against the Muslim Ban on Twitter. This issue transcends politics into the realm of basic human decency, and I'm glad they took a stand. Mad respect to @alex who already had me scoping out my local DSA chapter.

Last word goes to Professor Killah:

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Just so i understand, so they didn't do the things i listed? or you think those examples are fine and legitimate behavior?