Why Akira Yamaoka is a Genius: Silent Hill 2's OST

If you aren't familiar with Silent Hill 2 or the work of Akira Yamaoka, you should correct this grievous error and acquire this game immediately. If that's not an option, or you have already, then feel free to read on.
Recently, I've become obsessed with the Silent Hill soundtracks, from the very first game's opening theme to Silent Hill: Homecoming. Quite simply, these are some of the finest game soundtracks ever recorded, and well-worth checking out even if you dislike the thought of playing a survival-horror game. The variety of styles is stunning: mournful yet uplifting rock guitar noodling, chilling industrial noise, more classical pieces, ambient electronica, metal, etc. I wish I had more of knowledge of composition to comment in detail on Yamaoka's work but really all that matters is it complements the twisted duality of the Silent Hill universe wonderfully. Like the very best game soundtracks it gives me a nostalgic feeling that makes me wish I could re-experience the game all over again.
Silent Hill 2's OST is probably my favourite so far. What would you say are your own favourite Silent Hill tracks or musical moments? 
For SH2 I recommend 'White Noiz', 'Overdose Delusion', 'True', 'Promise', 'Love Psalm' besides those linked below. Listing every track I think is great is too big a task for one blog alone.