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DSIII: The Loot Crawler Evolved? 2

Dungeon Siege III is an odd game, a Frankenstein's monster with the stitches still showing, if you'll pardon the metaphor. It is not a conventional dungeon crawler, but neither is it much of a traditional CRPG either as might be expected from Obsidian. Rather what they've done is taken the emphasis on equipment progression typical of the loot crawler and transplanted it into a linear, narratively structured action game. The writing resembles that of a CRPG, with hints of choice and consequence, ...

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Strategy at the Crossroads: Dawn of War Meets DoTA 0

The original Dawn of War was an excellent contribution to the RTS genre, combining traditional mechanics with some invigorating changes that promoted squad battles over macro-style management thanks to the innovative control point system. Moreover, it provided an opportunity to amass the Warhammer armies that would be ruinously expensive in cost and time to amass in real life. The Warhammer license was not superficial but had an impact on how the game actually played: the production of squads a...

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