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Breaking the Ice

Boredom unleashes creativity!
Boredom unleashes creativity!
Yeah... I was never really good at talking 'bout myself... so lets just pretend this is some practice for getting used to the WYSIWYG editor. :)

My name is Osman Zeki (thus Ozeki right? :P) and I am 22 of age. I have a love/hate relationship with games. I'm just not able to focus on only playing the games. I like to delve into what made the games I play. I like to know who made them, how they were made. I like to question myself and everything around me. That's just how I am.

About what I like to do... well I like to play around with designing stuff on the computer, always did and probably always will. My interest spikes on what I like and love are radically different depending on my mood. Here, I uploaded some of my craft. Mostly for adding color to this blog entry. :)

Full-sized version of my boredom-induced creativity!
Full-sized version of my boredom-induced creativity!
All that stuff is nice but let's talk about geography instead! I live in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where the winter is too damn cold and the summer is too damn hot and where, they say, is a hotspot for game companies to grow into North America without burning the bridges with the rest of the gaming world. That was a too damn long sentence.

Anyway I started this blog because I had to a pretty nice mini-bio in the "About Me" section of my profile and noticed I had a lot of stuff to talk about when it came to describing my early gaming experiences as a kid and how it influenced who I am today. More on that stuff next time. :)

Useless Trivia:

- At some point in my life, I worked in the game industry as a Localization QA Tester (read: Translator) and I was credited for at least one game that I know of. I did work on a couple more games but in the outsourcing field of the gaming industry, you don't always get recognition for the work you're doing. :(