2013 Game of the Year

Another year, and once again no one asks me to make a Top 10 for Giant Bomb. I am offended, but I'll be the bigger man and still post my top games of 2013.

List items

  • Take everything that I love and make it into a video game. You have Saints Row IV.

  • Animal Crossing is one of my favorite recent game franchises. I bond with my mom over it, as it's just casual and relaxing enough that she can play it. She even has a 3DS solely for Animal Crossing. So having that experience makes Animal Crossing really special to me and why it's near the top of my list. Also the game is adorable and always has new things for me to do each day.

  • The combat might not be the best part of this game, but the world you're put into is easy to get lost in. I absolutely loved Columbia and the story told through the game. Elizabeth became a character I just wanted to do everything in my power to keep from harm and made the journey not feel so lonely or ruthless. I'm not crazy about shooters, but here I have two in my list. Maybe I'm getting back into them.

  • Yeah, I never played the original Far Cry 3. But this standalone DLC was released in 2013 and it is the perfect length for my busy life. The 80's goofs and parodies are mostly on-point, the neon cyber look is really striking, and the final mission is a must-see. Seriously, for $15 or less this game is very easy to recommend.

  • I wasn't initially excited for this game until the second trailer came out showing exactly what this game is. Take a mix of Super Mario 64 and 3D Land, add in the mayhem of multiplayer from the New Super Mario Bros. games, the return of some classic enemies, and some new power-ups and you have another amazing Mario game. The final boss is pretty incredible.

  • POKEMON IS BACK! After Black & White feeling too much like the same thing and skipping out on the direct sequel to those, I thought I finally was out. But then X & Y breathed fresh life into the series with 3D models, new training methods, and a fun world to explore. I'm never going to stop playing these games, am I?

  • I put way too many hours into this game. I think that's all I need to say.

  • This game was one of the free games everyone got at the PS4 launch, and what a hell of a game to launch with. This game is a mix of Defender and Geometry Wars, and I enjoy both of those games. This game is surprisingly challenging and I often forget some of the special abilities because I'm so wrapped up in dodging and shooting. It's also fun that the announcer voice comes out of the controller.

  • This is my pick for Flash Game of the Year. This is the one game I can bust out at a party and anyone can play, even if they have zero interest in video games. It's silly, simple to play, and totally eSports.

  • Like last year, I reserved a spot on my list for a weird browser game. Candy Box was lightning in a bottle as it took everyone by surprise. A lot of games are trying to recapture this excitement but none have succeeded. Not even Candy Box 2.