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It's Time For Some Unloading Part 1

It has been A LONG While since I sat down and ''blogged' to my hearts content, so I figured, why the hell not on a slightly cold Sunday morning. You ask, "What have you been up to recently?" We'll kids you are in for a treat...

Let's start with January.

The month started off with some tardiness as my girlfriend and I actually missed the ball dropping. Not a big deal then, but now that Dick Clark has died and the Mayans saying the world is going to end and we will all turn into mayonnaise, it seems like we should've watched it. January went by fairly quickly as I bought a new(er) car 2006 Scion xB or as I call it, My Drive-able Xbox...Clever,eh?. The weekend before that, my girlfriend and I went to Knoxville, as part of my Christmas present. We went to the University of Kentucky/University of Tennessee basketball game(It should be noted I'm A HUGE UK fan) UK won in what became a 'too close for comfort' game. We also went to eat after the game at a place right outside of Knoxville called Big Ed's Pizza. It is an extremely old building that looks(from the outside) as if Druids gather there regularly to discuss and perform black magic. It was by far the greatest pizza I've ever eaten. Speaking of eating, I must also admit that we went to Ye Olde Steakhouse the same weekend I bought my car. Regular fans or viewers of Man vs Food, would recognize this place as it was featured on a episode. Its a very nifty,old school restaurant. I had a Filet-mignon and it was the best piece of meat I've ever put in my put in my mouth(no dirty jokes, this is PG-13 people)

On to February

Nothing to see here people, move along.


March was a (mostly) great month. It started off with the burial of one of my closest college friends. She was killed in a car accident. RIP Kayla. The day of the funeral started off my two week 'vacation'. I put vacation in apostrophe's because only 7 days were an actually vacation the rest were filled with searches almost religiously for a new job. I still had(have) the same crappy job, it was just time to put my newly acquired college degree to use. Any who, 3 days after the funeral we(as in my girlfriend and her family) went to Aruba for 7 days and 6 nights. Why you ask? just because. We had an absolute amazing time. It should be noted that it was my first time, it was their 10 or 11th, as they own a time share. Once we came back, I looked for a new job and with no success.

April(so far)

I still work at the same place, but as of last Friday, I did start an internship in the IT Dept of the InSite Group.

Now, this is a gaming website, so as you have noticed I didnt mention any games. I was just saving it for last. January was a fairly slow month as far a 'new' games. With the occasional Gamefly game here and there, I mostly spent what free time I had to game playing Gears of War 3 multiplayer. Through this time, after the Shadows of RAAM pack came out and I completed it, along with finally getting a group together to finish all 50 waves of Horde, I was greeted with a gift a lot of people received. All my stuff was reset. Achievement progress, Campaign progress(I was 3/4 through Insane), everything was reset. So I played here and there sparingly, but after the reset, I really had no desire to grind through it ALL again. As far as Gamefly games, I received and sent back Assassins Creed Revelations(360,hated it), Lord of the Rings: War in the North(PS3,didn't play it), Mass Effect(360, loved it,bought it*more later*), The Gunstringer(decent,didnt finish), Lord of the Rings: War in the North(360, played coop, didnt finish) In February, I took the plunge and bought a PSVita along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss(I enjoyed it once I got past all the gimmicky parts). I also bought Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. The Mass Effect franchise is the one major franchise I always wanted to play,but never got a chance. So during this dry spell of games, I finally got a chance to experience it. Lets just say between the months of February and March, I played mostly those two titles and their DLC. I had made a little cash gambling in Aruba, so when I got back, I bought Mass Effect 3. I still have not opened it and Im finishing my playthrough on Mass Effect 2 on Insanity(Im 2 cheevos away from an S rank) I'm really excited to get into 3. I also purchased Unit 13 after returning from Aruba. Its a good pick up and play for 15 mintues then go shooter. I will also add that my Vita came in handy on the flight to and from Aruba.I really want to play The Witcher 2, and I think I'll pick it up during the dead summer months. I recently got into the Ghost Recon Future Soldier beta. It's a beta, so it has its problems, but so far I've enjoyed it.