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Something I thought I'd never say, I'm Thinking about converting to the PC...

So now that the dust has settled off of E3( and the Steam Summer Sale) i have been doing a lot of thinking about my next console purchase. First and foremost, I play/buy gaming consoles for GAMES. All other features are simply a Bonus. So with that being said, There are really no game for either the PS4 or the XBone that scream MUST HAVE (to me at least) I've always fancied myself as a 360 user primarily as I buy MOST multiplatform games on the 360. I have always preferred Sony's exclusives over Microsoft. I love everything Naughty Dog does. Gears was a fine franchise, but I really dont care about Halo anymore and I dont do racing games for Forza is out of the picture. There are very few games that have been announced so far that even interest me, Dead Rising 3 and Watch Dogs( which so happens that I can play on current gen) Most "Microsoft exclusives" are also on PC, so that has me thinking that my better investment is probably a PC. I will eventually get one if not both later on down the road but not this year.

I have over 60 games on Steam and 45 or so that I've never even played( some I cant because my laptop can't run them)

So after a long hoopla of an intro, my question is what are some good pre-built PC for a decent price( looking at $500-$600) range.

One of my friend suggested a rig along the lines of this (RIG) but another friend said that specific one needed a better graphics card, but that will run me another $200 roughly

So, people of PC-land, point me in the right direction and educate me

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