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I understand that point but it's a hard criticism to push past given their focus on social interaction between characters and their push for realistic graphics. It's kind of a uncanny valley thing, where things look more real but not real enough where they fell really uncomfortable. I'm not saying it feels uncomfortable, but something about it just feels so off that's it's really jarring. It feels like there was lack of art direction to push past system/engine limitations. I know it's never looked great in past games but given how well other games have done facial animation it's crazy to me that this game has missed the mark so bad.

That being said there's still a lot that I feel I don't like about the game from what I've seen so far:

  • The story isn't doing it for me from what I've seen so far.
  • Also, that whole "Your the pathfinder so your special" was kind of annoying, to me at least.
  • I was hoping that a new galaxy would mean a large focus on new species.

Looking past facial animation it feels like another game set in the Mass Effect universe which is great but nothing about it feels interesting. Mass Effect's combat always felt behind the times, even the first one at the time didn't feel great compared to games like Gears of War. So the thing that separated it was it's universe and it's great story/characters. But it feels like they've been so focused on gameplay that they've forgotten why people loved those first games so much.

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Welcome! Be sure to check out forum posts that have lists of the best old premium content to watch. Just google it and you'll prob find the posts I'm talking about, I've seen more than one over the years. It helps when you start out since there so much in the back catalog of GB.

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Geez didn't know becoming a popular meme had this effect... seriously gonna miss ya drew. Best of luck!

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Best of luck duder! I'm really interested in reading more if you actually go through with it.

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@aegon: My field in engineering so I won't try to answer any of your technical questions relating to IT. But I will say is that you were already upfront about the fact that you don't know much about the subject material. They're looking for you to prove that you can learn and that you interested in learning about SOE.

Try to do as much research that pertains to the job as you can so you show that you're motivated. Be prepared for some technical questions but it's important to convey to the people interviewing you that, yes you might not have all the knowledge now but you confident you can learn the material given the chance. No matter what happens in the interview make sure that message gets across if they are giving you a hard time, but I doubt they would.

Good luck duder!

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-If any telltale story setting interests her than that's probably a good pick. There's sooo many to pick from
-Oxenfree was a fun one my gf just played while I watched
-If she likes horror there are a lot of options like RE7, Outlast, Alien etc.
-A puzzle game might be fun like @armoes just suggested but maybe Portal 2? Feel like that has more of a story up front, otherwise The Witness might be a fun one if she gets into solving puzzles with you
-Some random games: Inside, D4, Valiant Hearts, Hitman?

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I enjoyed it for about a week and then just really hated playing it. Not much variation in the game and I just don't enjoy class based shooters for games like this. Plus anytime I played with random people I mostly got team killed. So yea, not really my thing. That being said anytime I got a group of 5 friends to play it was enjoyable but just not enough for us to keep coming back to it.

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Yo, ZeniMax's official response on why they won this court decision is INSANE! I mean, what in the world is this:

Why does John Carmack need to Google how to wipe a hard drive?
Why does John Carmack need to Google how to wipe a hard drive?

I love that they included the fact he Googled it. It makes it feel like an amateur spy move or something.

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XIII .... the biggest damn cliff hanger and no resolve. Such a bummer. Yeah the game was a pretty generic shooter but I liked the style and I enjoyed the story.

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Honestly that really depends on you and your enjoyment of art as far as the MOMA and the MET are concerned. I could spend hours in the MET because I love looking at older art/sculptures but when I went to the MOMA recently I breezed through it because I'm not big into modern art. The important thing to realize, when your in a rush, is that getting around the city can take some time, even for short distances. So if you're really in a rush be sure to have the subways planned out and make sure to have some spare cash for a cab in case your pushed for time and the subway takes too long to get to where ever you want to go.

Otherwise I think 4 things is probably just enough stuff to do without really rushing, especially if you start early (which I suggest).

Enjoy your trip!