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I Find it ironic...

That there is a lull in gaming right now until my next purchase, that I am resorting to play Halo 3 again. Which I am happy to say I have missed over these past months. Also I decided to actually I finally broke down and bought the Legendary pack. I usually never buy any of that stuff because it should be free.

On a lighter note. It is time again for this weeks release dates for games and movies.

Xbox 360

  • nothing this week


(My mistake these are for this week)

Now for movies releasing on DVD and Blu-ray for the week of 8-5-08

Just another day in paradise!

Whoo fun times at work, I love it when the Blue Angels fly over while I am working on a table saw cutting wood. But I came home with all 10. So after E3 is finally over I think there are a couple games I am looking forward to:

  1. Fallout 3 (PS3) - For the mere fact that a mandatory install will have to be done on the PS3 will probably give it better load times. That loading crap that happened every 5 seconds in Oblivion sucked ass.
  2. Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway (PS3) - I love this series for the fact of the story is compelling, but not gay in a Saving Private Ryan way.
  3. Fable 2 (Xbox 360) - The online Co-op seems to be awesome. Also how anything that happens in the co-op game carries over and how you can join instantly.
  4. Resistance 2 (PS3) - Insomniac is building an incredible game. 60 player online matches, compelling story, great visuals what else is there in a game.
  5. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) - I am a RPG freak what can I say. I just think it'll be better on the PS3
  6. Saints Row 2 (Xbox 360) - Online Co-op, ok story but the first game was awesomeso I can't wait till this one comes out.
That's my top 6 for now, there are others that I would like to get but waiting for a bargin price for before I get them:
  1. NHL '09 or 2k9
  2. Silent Hill: Homecoming
  3. Dead Space
  4. LOTR: Conquest
  5. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Ok, now on to next weeks game releases for the week of July 29.

Xbox 360



Now for DVD and Blu-ray releases for the week of July 29.

Well that seems all for today, check back later for more. See ya.