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Professor Layton and the Scariest Face in Misthallery

Been enjoying Professor Layton and the Last Specter as of late, but only up to a point, and that point is here, fours hours in, now known as the beginning and end of all my future nightmares:

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Question time!

Is Nabby a...?

  • A. Boy
  • B. Girl
  • C. Single-toothed dinosaur demon
  • D. Other (please supply answer)

Your answers might very well be the only thing that now help me sleep. Make 'em funny.

Big things in little packages!

On the flip side, I've really been enjoying London Life, which is like 75% Animal Crossing and 25% RPG, with the focus mainly on fetch quests and trying out different outfits. Currently, Little London Pauly is rocking a fancy top hat and snow white suit:

I've been more into the formality clothes than the goofy outfits, though walking around as a large berry is somewhat delightful. Also, I have a pair of turtle shoes that I don't know what to do with--note, these are not shoes made from turtles, but shoes that look like turtle feet. Hmm...

Here's my tiny room, too:

I really hope I can eventually move into a bigger pad as my toy collection is growing out of hand. Used to have a roommate, but he wasn't down with my design skills so he packed his invisible bags and left. I have other screenshot photos taken, but I'm having a hard time inserting them into this blog post; every time I do, it takes the newest upload image and puts it at the top of the blog post. Maybe this is the main reason I blog more at Grinding Down than GiantBomb...

Um, yeah. That's it, I guess.