Three comics about three completed videogames

So, for those in the know that follow me here, I've been drawing a little comic for every videogame I beat in 2014, and...well, I'm a bit behind. My bad. I'm working on catching up, I swears it, as well as learning how to use a new program to ink and color my comics. Yes, I still pencil them out on paper like an old-schooler, but Manga Studio does make the inking process quite easy. Plus, if you mess up, you can erase or simply click undo. Anyways, instead of making three separate posts, I'll just include the three most recent comics here for y'all to enjoy.

First up is Pokemon Y, which I finished several months ago and haven't really gone back to since seeing what the Safari Friend Forest place was all about. Spoiler: catching more Pokemon. Anyways, it helps if you know that Garbodor is my favorite Pokemon:

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Next we have Beyond Good & Evil HD. I first played and beat the game back on the PlayStation 2--still have my copy, too--and purchased the HD remake as soon as it dropped, but only played for a wee bit, enough to see how everything looked and played versus my memories. I recently went back to it and breezed through the remainder of the game in a single night. It's still great, though its best element is illustrated below:

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Lastly, well for this blog post at least, we have another remake...Tomb Raider! Yup, Lara Croft's quest to be beaten. berated, and battered, as well as murder hundreds of men. I actually had a lot of fun with it so long as I didn't take it too seriously, which is kind of what the developers wanted, but it was hard to care about Lara's tears over gutting a deer for dinner when, a moment later, she'd go on a killing spree and unlock some concept art found via the main menu. Here's what I drew:

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Thanks for taking a look, duders. I'll probably get to drawing some more from my list this weekend. I just have to draw faster and complete fewer games to be totally caught up. Real easy, right?