Games Completed in 2012

Well, a new year means a new list. For 2011, I ended up completed 38 games over the course of an entire year, and I think that's pretty impressive. However, for 2012, I predict an even smaller number as I focus on my artwork and other plans. Also, there's just not as many must-have titles in the near future so I'll be working on some backlog, as well as those pesky titles that came out last year, but that I never got around to trying. Either way, wish me luck.

As always, if you're actually interested in my silly ol' thoughts about any of the videogames on this list, well...please do check out my silly ol' blog called Grinding Down:

Now let's start counting!

Games Completed in 2012

01 - Saints Row: The Third

02 - Chrono Trigger

03 - The Blackwell Legacy

04 - Blackwell Unbound

05 - Super Mario 3D Land

06 - The Blackwell Convergence

07 - The Blackwell Deception

08 - Mass Effect 2

09 - Hector: Badge of Carnage (Episode 1, "We Negotiate With Terrorists")

10 - Jurassic Park: The Game

11 - Bulletstorm

12 - Trials Evolution

13 - Find Mii 2

14 - Fez

15 - Dungeons & Dragons - Daggerdale

16 - Hector: Badge of Carnage (Episode 2, "Senseless Acts of Justice")

17 - Professor Layton's London Life

18 - Mafia II

19 - LEGO Harry Potter, Years 5-8

20 - Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

21 - Rage

22 - Stacking

23 - Shank

24 - The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest

25 - Mark of the Ninja

26 - Metroid Fusion

27 - Borderlands 2

28 - Lord of the Rings: War in the North

29 - Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

30 - Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC

31 - Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

32 - Angry Birds (Poached Eggs episode on Google+)

33 - Eversion

34 - LEGO Lord of the Rings

35 - Red Faction: Armageddon

36 - Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

37 - The Walking Dead (Episode 1, "A New Day")

38 - The Walking Dead (Episode 2, "Starved for Help")

39 - Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

40 - The Walking Dead (Episode 3, "Long Road Ahead")

And that's the list. Not too shabby, all in all.

List items

  • Absolutely bonkers. The most fun I've had playing a videogame in some time now.

  • Beat it the same day that the Chrono Trigger Endurance Run ended, getting the same ending as Ryan and Patrick. Lovely game that also stressed me out at times.

  • Enjoyable point-and-click with an intriguing story and some great voicework.

  • Really enjoyed this one more than the first adventure. The relationship between Lauren and Joey is stronger.

  • Pizza's nice! Just beat the main game and unlocked the other eight worlds. But credits ran, and so this is considered beaten.

  • The story just keeps getting better and better with these ghost-busting adventure games.

  • Fantastic and a much deeper adventure. Got stuck several times though.

  • I kinda got sucked back into the game's world and lore, but still don't think the shooting and action parts are all that entertaining. Kept everyone alive during the suicide mission, too. Have no desire to play ME3 though.

  • Episode 1 - "We Negotiate With Terrorists" completed. Ends on a really big cliffhanger, which is expected for the episodic format, but still annoying. Episode 2 - "Senseless Acts of Justice" was fun and easier in the sense that I didn't ask for too many hints. Nice reveal of the villain, too. One more to go...

  • Great story idea, pretty bad game.

  • Surprisingly better than I expected. Never got too creative with my skillshots though.

  • Vroom vroom.

  • Find Mii be specific. Going through it a second time for more hats.

  • Finished with 25 cubes and 7 anti-cubes. Still haven't figured out the hidden language yet. New Game+ is a nice addition.

  • Grindy, bland, and only funny when you realize everyone speaks in grunts and murmurs. QTE for final boss fight was disappointing, too.

  • Finally saw the credits run on London Life, but plan to keep on playing as I love my simple fetch quests now and again.

  • Sadly boring. An open world with nothing to do in it, as well as a predictable story that ends before it begins. I dug the radio tunes though.

  • More of the same, though the magic is not quite as powerful the second time around.

  • A surprising game in that it is quite addicting, despite my non-love, non-hate feelings towards music from the RPG series. Gotta build up more rhythmia...

  • A letdown overall. Lacked the stuff I love about post-apoc worlds, even though some character designs were neat. Final level was a joke.

  • Adorable, but simple gameplay and story. Love trying out all the different doll abilities and performing hijinks in each level.

  • Beautiful animation work and swift fighting, but predictable story and fairly short. Combo-ing from knives to machetes to shotgun is surprisingly fluid.

  • For the PS2, which is dramatically different than other versions. A very straightforwad hack-n-slash with cel-shaded art. Simply mediocre.

  • The best stealth-based game in years, hands down. Really gives you a sense of power and being in control.

  • For the 3DS. Probably the hardest videogame I've played all year so far. Says I logged five hours of play, but considering how many times I died and had to start over, I'd say it was more like seven or eight. Ugh.

  • Some more Borderlands, for good or for worse. Alas, I was able to glitch the final boss into defeat, making for one lame last fight. Really enjoyed the Siren's skill tree though. Will be back for more rare loot some day.

  • Not too bad actually, though the boss fights were super easy compared to just some of the main swarm fights of Orcs and Uruk-hai. Way better than Game of Thrones did in trying to be a game set in a beloved world and not starring your favorite characters.

  • A much shorter adventure, but still challenging and brimming with all that fun R&C stuff, like minigames and weapons that level up as you use them. Started New Game+ to see some of the Titan versions of my fav guns.

  • I held out hope for this little platformer from the makers of the beloved Monster Tale, but it falls flat and has the most frustrating underwater levels I've ever experienced. Took under five hours to complete the piddling three worlds in the game.

  • Some levels required skill. Some required luck. And a few tricky ones asked for both. Completed all levels in all three worlds on Google+. Strangely addicting, but I don't ever want to go back to this.

  • A deceptively dark platformer, where you collect gems and "evert" the world through different layers. I got the "regular" ending, and I don't expect myself to go back for the remaining gems. A fun hour or so spent though.

  • Despite some surprisingly game-interrupting glitches, LEGO Lord of the Rings is a fantastic way to revisit the films in a condense and funny manner. All levels complete, but will now spend many more hours searching for all the remaining collectibles.

  • Very boring game. A depressing step back from Guerrilla.

  • More great puzzles and story from Level 5, though the story is a little more straightforward in this one, minus a single, somewhat improbable twist at the very end. Looking forward to the next--and final--game.

  • Completed the first three episodes, but I'm digging it a lot and will have to quickly learn to both make choices and then *live* with them.

  • What a mesmerizing journey of discovery and sacrifice.