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Games Completed in 2013

Ahh, two thousand and thirteen. Another year, another list to keep track of all the games I beat. Last year, for 2012, I polished off 40 games, and 38 in 2011. I'm thinking I'll be right around that same number range for 2013, though I always hope that I'll actually play fewer games each year and really kickstart my comics career. If that's even possible. But I'll play when I play and see what I can complete; I do have an actual goal to beat five specific games over the next 365 days, so stay tuned to find out if I'm successful or not.

As always, if you want to read more of my keen and/or wild thoughts about any of these games, head on over to Grinding Down.

Games Completed in 2013

#1 - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

#2 - The Walking Dead, Episode 4 - "Around Every Corner"

#3 - The Walking Dead, Episode 5 - "No Time Left"

#4 - Pokemon White 2

#5 - Jetpack Joyride

#6 - Blackwell Deception (Commentary Mode)

#7 - Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory

#8 - Hector: Badge of Carnage, Episode 3 - "Beyond Reasonable Doom"

#9 - Shapik: The Quest

#10 - Vanquish

#11 - Dinner Date

#12 - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

#13 - BioShock Infinite

#14 - Patchwork

#15 - The Cave

#16 - Half-Life 2: Episode Two

#17 - Kingdom Rush

#18 - inFAMOUS 2

#19 - Fire Emblem: Awakening

#20 - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

#21 - Doritos Crash Course 2

#22 - Mario VS. Donkey Kong

#23 - Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale

#24 - Fable III

#25 - Battlefield 3

#26 - Hotline Miami

#27 - El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

#28 - WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

#29 - The Walking Dead, "400 Days"

#30 - Chrono Cross

#31 - Dragon Fantasy - Book 1

#32 - Silent Hill 2

#33 - VVVVVV

#34 - Minesweeper (Windows 8 phone)

#35 - Deep Sleep

#36 - Batman: Arkham Asylum

#37 - Persist

#38 - Sepulchre

#39 - Machinarium

#40 - The Price

#41 - Grand Theft Auto V

#42 - Tower of Heaven

#43 - 400 Years

#44 - Ballads of Reemus: When the Beds Bite

#45 - Habla Kadabla

#46 - Deponia

#47 - Dead Rising 2

#48 - BNKR

#49 - Two of a Kind

#50 - Oiche Mhaith

#51 - Eternally Us

#52 - Annie Android: Automated Affection

#53 - Primal

#54 - Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!

#55 - Samsara Room

#56 - Jurassic Heart

#57 - Isaac's Odyssey

#58 - Journey of a Roach

#59 - Gemini Rue

#60 - Calm Time

#61 - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

#62 - Gears of War

#63 - The Walking Dead, Episode 1 - "All That Remains" (Season 2)

#64 - Hero in the Ocean

List items

  • Surprisingly difficult platformer oozing with charm and visual tricks. I rushed through the final world and its levels, but was glad to see the stork deliver baby Mario and baby Luigi to their parents in the end.

  • Episode 4 now complete. Ready to dive into ep five ASAP and see where this takes the group. Okay, finished this up and am sad as all gets. What an emotional ride the final episode is, despite seeing a lot of events coming from a mile away. Wow. There is now a gap in my life, one left for hurting.

  • Had to grind a bit near the end, but still fairly enjoyable, even if I only ever scrape the surface with these games. Might drop back in later to find more Pokemon. Might not.

  • Really addicting. Got all Trophies, but one, which requires extensive grinding to buy all items. No thanks.

  • Second time completing this. Played with Commentary Mode on, which offered bonus insights from developer Dave Gilbert and funny bloopers from various voice actors. A lot of fun!

  • Adorable little puzzle game that has a few tricky levels to it. Did not collect all the gems to reveal the true ending. Gonna YouTube it later.

  • Finished up the third and final episode, bringing this crude, but sometimes humorous story to a close. A lot of back-and-forth puzzles near the end, which got tiresome.

  • Short, but enjoyable third-person shooter with some neat sliding mechanics. There's other difficulties to play on, but I think I've had my fill.

  • More of an interactive story than a game, but interesting nonetheless.

  • I am totally split on this game. For one, I love the look and combat and usage of stickers as battle actions, but hated the obtuse puzzle solutions and how bosses were nearly untouchable until you figure out the specific sticker that undid it.

  • Interesting story, less than thrilling combat. I mainly relied on Shock Jockey and pistols/rifles. Still trying to figure out what the last 30 minutes of the game was all about.

  • What a disappointment. Tedious, with clunky platforming and uncomfortable silences. I beat it once with the Scientist, the Knight, and the Monk, and I'm not remotely interested in exploring the cave a second time.

  • ...and now to wait with all of y'all for Episode Three to drop.

  • One of the rare RTS games I've enjoyed over the years. Might and magic!

  • Electric superhero powers! Collected all the Blast Shards and Dead Drops. Mediocre story and conclusion, but not the worst way to pass some time.

  • I played with permadeath on and lost MANY characters, but still had a lot of fun. The combat is engaging, addicting, and always rewarding, even when comrades fall or retire.

  • Charming and brimming with little details and nooks to explore. Some of the ghost battles can be exhausting on the thumbs and one boss battle in particular relied too much on luck, but otherwise a pretty good ghost-busting time for all.

  • Really addicting and also really easy to ignore all the FTP elements here. Just some good ol' fashioned run and jump and dodge crazy times.

  • A pretty good platform-based puzzle game that ramps up the difficulty every single level. Beat it and then discovered six additional "plus" worlds to conquer. Oh boy...

  • Narrative-driven "game". Real charming, but not much there. Kind of wish the card minigame was more complex.

  • What a bunch of fart noises. A horrible technical mess, as well as completely uninspired. The final battle was...I just can't even believe that's all they could come up with. Ugh.

  • Played to see what these military FPS vidyagamez are all about. Turns out, not much. I barely cared about the plot, and it felt like each mission was trying to cater to a bunch of specific gaming types (the sniper, the tank driver, the stealthy killer). Meh. Oh well.

  • A bizarre game, and pretty tough in some spots. My favorite mask is Don Juan, which gives you lethal doors. Really handy for luring punks to their violent, messy doom. No idea what was happening in the grand scheme of things though.

  • Zany, but beautiful hack-and-slash game. Was unable to follow most of the plot, but I think it boiled down to "kill evil angels" or something like that.

  • A bizarre bunch of mini-games, backed by some great tunes. Loved the variety throughout and how the game forced you to figure out what to do in 3 or less seconds.

  • At long last, after nearly 40 hours, I have beaten Chrono Cross for the very first time. I played this game over and over as a teen, never getting far, but always enjoying it. Glad to have seen it fully realized now. Love the battle system so much.

  • Old-school RPG design with some modern twists to make the grinding less annoying. Enjoyed its humor and gameplay overall, but not a long experience. That Minecraft chapter was a little meh though.

  • Still very effective horror game, and much of that is due to the sound design and limitations of the PlayStation 2. Horrible boss fights though and camera angles. Got the "Leave" ending.

  • Amazing platformer. First played on the PC, but finished it off on the 3DS. All you can do is flip, but it's about timing and momentum and kickass chiptunes. Really enjoyed it, even if I got stuck on M is for Murder level for 127 deaths.

  • I dunno. I've always liked this number game. All Achievements unlocked and I played a ton of it, so let's call it completed.

  • Really fun mix of exploration and combat. Loved Detective Mode, even if I spent too much of the game in that vision. Also: why does Batman have to mash the X button so much to open grates?

  • A quiet, challenging point-and-click game about a robot trying to find his robot girlfriend. Oh, and stop a bomb. Used a walkthrough for a lot of the puzzles, sad to say.

  • My first ever completed GTA game! It was much easier than prior ones, and definitely pretty to look at, to listen to. The missions were kind of boring though, and Franklin's storyline goes absolutely nowhere. A shame.

  • Kooky point-and-click game starring an exterminator and his purple bear companion in some fantasy realm called Fredricus. Or something like that. Some goofy humor, but I was engaged throughout nonetheless.

  • A fun, beautifully illustrated point-and-click adventure game severely hindered by technical issues and a lack of basic grammar comprehension. In no rush to move on to the other entries in the franchise.

  • Tiresome, clunky mechanics. Had to restart twice. Found the whole thing frustrating, though from time to time I did kind of just zone out and hit zombies with silly items.

  • Point-and-click adventure game from The Blackwell Legacy's Dave Gilbert. Very old-school, but quite enjoyable, with fun writing. Failed at the end, too, as I wasn't aware I was being timed on the last puzzle.

  • A strong action adventure game starring a sarcastic coffee waitress who discovers she's a Hybrid (part demon). With the help of Scree the gargoyle, they have to restore order to the hidden realms and save Jen's boyfriend from torture and death. Fun parts, great atmosphere, hated swimming and combat and getting lost.

  • A piratey point-and-click game with colorful visuals and light-hearted writing. The last puzzle took a lot of trail and error.

  • A dating sim, where you play a girl going out with a T-Rex. Your first date takes you two to the music shop to buy a new ukelele.

  • A neat point-and-click with full control of the roach, which can climb up walls. Brought me right back to Primal and Scree. Fun animation and art, but a few tricky puzzles.

  • A very strong, very serious sci-fi point-and-click game from those fine folk over at Wadjet Eye Games. Found the combat a bit odd and frustrating, but otherwise, a fun ol' time. Loved hearing the Joey actor playing Kane.

  • A lot of fun and just like the ol' PS2 games. Sad to see the final boss fight was a QTE, but otherwise, everything else is great entertainment with no noticeable slip in quality given that Sucker Punch did not work on this.

  • Pretty uninteresting all the way through. You basically just move forward, hide behind walls, and shoot indistinguishable enemies. There's a single vehicle sequence that lasts a whooping five minutes. None of the Gears have any personality, but maybe things get better in later games.

  • Finished off the first episode. It starts with a doozy and gets grimmer as it goes. Y'know, just what you'd expect from Telltale Games.