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Games Completed in 2015

Two thousand fifteen, welcome to it. Also, welcome to another year where I keep a list of every game I beat/complete. Don't be surprised to see more Metal Gear games on here as I keep pace with Dan and Drew's journey into Hideo Kojima's wacky mindset. Also, on my personal blog (, I put it out in public that I want to beat these three games this year: Final Fantasy IX, Radiant Historia, and Silent Hill 3. So wish me luck on that front.

Okay, to the list-keeping!


#1 - All the Way Down

#2 - SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt

#3 - A Boney Night

#4 - The Incredibles

#5 - Starbot

#6 - Barely Floating

#7 - Coma

#8 - Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition

#9 - To the Moon

#10 - To the Moon Holiday Special Minisode

#11 - Balloon Diaspora

#12 - Lost Constellation

#13 - Detective Grimoire

#14 - The Last of Us

#15 - A House in California

#16 - Rogue Legacy

#17 - DuckTales: Remastered

#18 - A Landlord's Dream

#19 - The Old Tree

#20 - Awakener

#21 - The Tale of Kelda

#22 - Little Briar Rose

#23 - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

#24 - Kram Keep

#25 - Off-Peak

#26 - Assassin's Creed II

#27 - Jolly Rover

#28 - ???

List items

  • Really fun game and not too grindy. I beat it in under five hours, bought the majority of the tool upgrades, and dug a whole bunch.

  • Very disappointed in this as I am a huge fan of the film. This game is unreasonably difficult throughout most its levels, as well as fairly uninspired. I had the most fun playing as Elastigirl, punching goons out of existence from several yards away.

  • Missed out on this back in the day, making it an interesting journey. Sometimes it was fun, and sometimes it was frustrating. Don't even bother attempting any kind of multiplayer as the lag is unworkable.

  • Sweet, sad, uplifting, surprising--a million different adjectives. That's one way to describe To the Moon. Frustrated I dragged my feet to play it, happy to have finally done so.

  • A supplemental to the forthcoming Night in the Woods. It's a cute, interactive ghost story, where you build creepy snowpeople and try to find the forest god. I loved the music and look of everything, so this did its job--I'm officially interested in NITW.

  • A point-and-click murder mystery, more likely aimed at kids, but I appreciated the voice acting and look of the game. Got all the Achievements in one go and did not get stuck at any point. A fun, but predictable story.

  • There were many parts of The Last of Us that I did not enjoy *playing* but the game's story and world is so fascinating that I couldn't stop pushing forward. A heartbreaking tale that does not try to be something it isn't.

  • Addicting as heck, but once you start upgrading your castle and soldier, you can make a big dent in those previously scary bosses.

  • Never played this as a kid so I found the remastered version to be pretty uninteresting. I think you need nostalgia for the original to enjoy a lot of the platforming here. Buying all that concept are was stupid too.

  • A very short, but satisfying puzzle-driven adventure about a weird alien octopus-like thing's journey upwards and outwards.

  • The making of Big Boss! I think this one is more fun to play than MGS 2 and the original MGS. Love hiding in grass, collecting mushrooms and eating frogs. The story is just as wacky as ever, though I didn't feel like the named bosses got enough storytelling behind them to sell their personas, especially The Pain and The Fury.

  • Still pretty enjoyable, though it was weird playing this AFTER I got through Brotherhood, as Brotherhood enhanced the gameplay even more. I ended up only finding 42 of 100 flags, and I'm not going to track each one down just to unlock an Achievement and fancy cape.

  • A cute pirate-themed point-and-click adventure game starring a bunch of dogs. The puzzles were fairly easy and logical to solve, though I did not find all the collectibles before credits rolled. Arrrrrrr.