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PlayStation 2 Games I Should Get Sooner than Later

Well, pretty soon, many GameStops (and other retailers) will no longer be selling PlayStation 2 games, as well as Gamecube titles and box-less GBA cartridges. Recently, GameStop had a major push to sell some stock, limelighting a "buy two, get two free" deal for all PS2, GC, and GBA titles. I scooped up Ratchet: Deadlocked, Secret Agent Clank, some Myst game, and some King's Field title. Now that I think about it, there's plenty of other titles I've missed out on, and I should probably get some of these sooner than later because otherwise they might just disappear for good and end up being impossible to find again. Well, maybe not all of 'em, but some are obscure enough to get lost in the void. Actually, even right now, many of these are hard to find in stores.

Right. Here's what I want then...

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