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Title is two-fold in referring to my university education and E3. Graduated with a 2:1 degree (B grade), and it looks as though I have a job lined up (not degree level of course); finally something to put on the CV. Degree, job (hopefully): real life apparently...

But to more interesting things... the GiantBomb E3 podcasts/streams were hilarious, love it. Quick general thoughts:

The New 360. A bit funny looking, but the expanded memory and built-in wi-fi are nice features. Not nearly enough for me to invest out right, but to replace a failured box or for an extra, I could be tempted.

Motion control. The Metal Gear watermelon shennanigans (Metal Gear Rising, or Uprising?; don't recall the exact title) was fun, and the actual in-level footage that was shown looked mighty impressive. On the other hand, the difficulty with the Zelda stage demo was a little discouraging (although that seemed to be an isolated incident). Still, the way that enemies change their block (and hence force you to change your attack) could be cool.

3D. I still don't care, but many skeptics seem to have had their stances changed by what was on show. Even if it doesn't interest me greatly, I hope it turns out well.

The games. I'm a bit behind in this area (hence why I'm going to run through the archive), but a couple of things caught me. The two XBLA summer titles, Limbo and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, looks fantastic. The latter in particular looks great and has a bit of a twist on the typical Castlevania formula (and multiplayer!). Add to that Kirby's Epic Yarn, which has an art style I absolutely love.

Music games. I've been out of Rock Band/Guitar Hero for a couple of years and I've built up some competance on the real guitar; the direction the genre is going in is interesting, and I'd very much like to try out the "pro" modes of these games. Only question is how the note highway is displayed in these modes, or even if it will be replaced by something different.

That's all. Quick thoughts on the World Cup so far: slow start, getting better. I'm not English, but I have some sympathy with their fans and players regarding the press madness that inevitably follows. I don't really care who wins, as long as we're treated to some good football.