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Personal Favorites

Games that I've played and loved, but aren't necessarily blockbusters or of standout quality.

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  • My first RPG. Pretty run-of-the-mill in hindsight, but a solid game. 2D visuals and soundtrack are fantastic, and the Zelda-inspired dungeons are challenging (if frustrating at times). The encounter rate and 3D battle engine weren't so hot.

  • Horrendously boring single-player, but the online Neroimus War online was fantastic. Loved the sheer wealth of customisation options for your hound and the tactical gameplay. Sadly they pulled the plug on it, and even if it was still around, party chat would kill the concept of COMBAS towers.

  • The first game I played online where I was very competitive. Hovered around rank 150 at the height of it. As for the game, the tennis was great. Risk shots in theory are a great addition, but it ended up impacting the online game (in my opinion) negatively.

  • Although I enjoyed the first game, it never really held my interest like the sequel. Rare instance of me playing through multiple times.

  • My favorite PlayStation-era platform game, and probably the peak of the series. All-around a great game that I spent many hours on.

  • As far as modern JRPGs go, this is the best one since Final Fantasy X. I was skeptical after being disappointed by Mistwalker's earlier effort, Blue Dragon, but Lost Odyssey was something I enjoyed immensely. Breaks little ground in terms of advancing the genre, but I loved the story and dream sequences (along with the Guard Wall battle concept).

  • Real cool game, with a real cool soundtrack.

  • Nice spin on the Pokemon collect 'em all formula. Lots of different mechanics to get stuck into, multiplayer battles were a blast.

  • Fantastic adventure game, the best I've played. George Stobbart is one of the wittiest characters around, and the entire script is fantastic. The hand-drawn visuals are great and the puzzles get you thinking.

  • I absolutely adore the Shenmue series; I wasn't aware of how divisive the franchise is until after I'd played it. Engrossing story that takes you across the Asian continent. Loved every moment. The stuff it did bad - stiff voice acting, mundane jobs, etc. - I found charming and hilarious.

  • Often overshadowed by the other SNES Final Fantasy games, this one is my favorite. The job system is fantastic (and there are extra jobs on the Advance version), and despite the story being a little flat, there are some nice twists (including a dramatic death and cross-dressing, two whole games before VII).

  • Played the original to death on Live, and am picking up where I left off with Super. It's a great fighting game by any measure, but Super is particularly good from a value perspective with it's £25 price tag.

  • I'm really surprised that Heavy Weapon didn't get more props. Fantastic dual-stick shooter that can get really hectic on screen, and it looks beautiful in HD. Multiplayer is the real draw, which you can also play locally.