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Please Remake

I'd love to re-experience these games in an updated form.

List items

  • I might actually be able to make proper progress with this if I played it now. Way-challenging and probably not well-suited for a kid, but I loved it on the NES.

  • Cliche, yes, but don't care. Didn't actually beat it, a remake would be a good excuse to do so.

  • Been a long time since a Micro Machines game was released. A level editor and "collect 'em all" element would make it a perfect candidate for a remake (or sequel), boxed or digital would be fine.

  • Slim chance of a sequel, but a remake? Or a re-release? Maybe combine both the games into one package. I'd happily play both the old games in their original forms, but my Dreamcast randomly stopped working and my Xbox copy of Shenmue II appears to have disappeared!