Regrettable Purchases

I'm sure we've all made some questionable gaming buys, and I'm no different. This list contains games that I straight up didn't enjoy, as well as better games that, for one reason or another, I didn't manage to get my money's worth from.

List items

  • It looked like it could be a bit of fun from stuff I'd seen online, and it was a bit of a laugh for an hour or two on multi-player, but everything past that is repetitive, generic shooting that with a camera that was nauseating to me.

  • A proper gamer's game no doubt, and a fantastic one at that, but it's too bloody difficult for me.

  • This refers to the first two Rock Band games: it might seem an odd choice as they are great games, but considering how hyped I was for them, I got little use out of it. The rare occassions I got to play full multi-player was great, but they were few and far between and I had near enough burnt out on the genre by then after hours of Guitar Hero 2 on PS2 and 360.

  • Also on my "Good Games I Don't 'Get'" list: from the videos I thought I'd love it, and while the setting and visuals are fantastic, I haven't played it in well over a month.