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Adventures in a grim, desperate dystopia. 0

Gemini Rue is an adventure game that doesn't care to hide its influences. The title screen – set to the sight and sounds of the rain-stricken planet of Barracus – evokes the feeling of a grim, desperate dystopia that takes a cue from the likes of Blade Runner and Cowboy Bebop.After the unsettling scene of a confused prison inmate having his memories wiped, the focus shifts to Azriel Odin – an ex-Boryokudan gang member – and his investigations on Barracus into the whereabouts of his missing broth...

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A refreshing twist in a genre where save-the-world is passé. 0

HP Lovecraft’s tentacle-clad, insanity-invoking alien isn’t what you’d call a typical hero. After rising from the sunken city of R’lyeh, his nefarious plans are foiled by a righteous wizard who seals his powers away. The only way for Cthulhu to regain them is to become a true hero, and so begins his quest to save the world... to destroy it later on. The homage to franchises like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, and appropriation of Lovecraft-ian lore, combines to make Cthulhu Saves the World a ...

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Look out, Hector's about 0

Welcome to Clappers Wreake, a crime-infested dump located in the cistern of the Midlands. This is a place where neer-do-well youths hang on street corners like bad smells and graffiti stains the walls like a night you'd rather forget. The only place you'll find with a bit of class and community is the Exotico, the local sex shop. It all got a bit too much for one local who couldn't bear to see the town plummet into the murky depths any further, so he took a building full of hostages and demanded...

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Do you know Jack? 0

Once you've played a quiz game, you've pretty much played them all. It's not easy to put a fresh twist on the question and answer format, which makes You Don't Know Jack evade the mundanity other quiz games frequently suffer from. Rather than indulging in bloated bonus rounds or thousands of questions, You Don't Know Jack puts all its chips on an extremely idiosyncratic sense of style and humor.  Do you know Jack? This begins with the surreal scene of an all-singing, all-dancing number intro...

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The beauty is when all those botched jumps pay off... 0

 Dr Fetus strikes again Super Meat Boy pays homage to old-skool gaming in many ways, but unlike many tribute acts, it isn’t a one-trick-pony that tries to dig in with the hooks of nostalgia. The steady stream of gaming references gives this hardcore platform game bags of charm, yet it plays and feels like a modern and full-featured product. The titular hero – a cube of meat that tracks blood everywhere he treads – is in love with Bandage Girl. Unfortunately, the dastardly Dr Fetus hates Meat Boy...

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A great little time-waster 0

At a budget price of 0.59p, Super Mega Worm is a great little time-waster styled in the vein of a Super Nintendo game. The year is 2012 and human excess has ruined and polluted the Earth; as vigilante mega worm and planet protector, Wojira, it’s up to you to wipe out humanity and save what’s left of the world. After hatching from its egg, you guide Wojira as it burrows beneath the surface and leaps out of the ground to eat humans. A slider in the lower left side of the screen controls the perpe...

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Quirk and colour added to the classic board game 0

If you’ve ever played a game of Risk, and have fond memories of fiddling with board pieces and making-and-breaking truces over a drawn out skirmish, you wouldn’t think it an ideal candidate for an Xbox Live Arcade conversion. Risk: Factions makes a mockery of that assumption, and repackages the classic war game in a streamlined – but no less enjoyable – package. It’s still Risk, but if you’ve never experienced it before, the goal is to capture territories and defeat your opponent by removing ...

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Still fun, but takes some steps backward 14

Puzzle Quest brought together two genres – puzzle and RPG – and made them work so well that we all asked “why hasn’t this been done before?” Three years and a poorly received spin-off (Puzzle Quest: Galactrix) later and the big question is whether or not the formula holds up. It does, but rather than refine what the original offered and streamline the experience, Puzzle Quest 2’s real improvement is in its presentation (which ironically creates some new problems).  Cheating AI? The premise is e...

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Rediscovered treasure 0

The Secret of Monkey Island marks the beginning of a distinguished adventure franchise held in high regard, and this Special Edition for the Xbox Live Arcade does nothing to tarnish that reputation. This is the same game that chronicles Guybrush Threepwood’s quest to become a mighty pirate and defeat the ghost pirate LeChuck with a new coat of paint.  Head in the sand  The new visuals are sleek and stylish; they aren’t mind-blowing compared to other arcade offerings, but they fit with the weir...

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