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Building A Giant Bomb GTS Gym.

so here's the score, i'd like to start a Giant Bomb Pokemon Gym League. and appropriately, it should be filled with Giant Bomb users. 
i'm looking for 8 Gym Leaders. There WILL be an Elite Four, probably made up of Gym Leaders willing to run two teams, and a champion, who will be the first person to beat the team. all members will recieve a gift from yours truly for thier participation. 
Okay, so, let's lay down some science:
ALLOWED VERSIONS: the versions users are welcome to use are Platinum, Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, being any Generation 4 game. 
ALLOWED POKEMON: we're going by tournament standards. No Legendary Pokemon. No Wobuffet. this applies to Trainers as well as Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. no repeat pokemon, sorry all you all-Farfetch'd trainers out there, diversify your portfolio, motherfuckers! Please note that the Sleep Clause is also in effect.
ALL PARTIES CHECKED: Your party must remain consistant throughout the league's activity. this also applies to trainers coming to challenge the gym. before you can go through the gym, you must register your team. said team can be lined up in any order you wish, but it must remain the same. to comply with this, all gym leaders will have thier teams posted publically, and if trainers wish to enter the league, they'll have to publically state thier team before-hand.
ADVANCEMENT: Advancement is pretty simple. once you present your challenge to the gym, you'll recieve a friend code from the first gym leader in a PM. once you've beaten them,  the gym leader will send a PM to the second gym leader, who'll then send a PM to you. this process will continue all the way to the final challenge, to ensure that the League is completed in proper order. if you lose to a gym leader or an elite four, you won't have to repeat the entire league, but you will have to challenge the gym leader who beat you again with the same party, 
meaning all you're allowed to change after being beaten, is the order of your pokemon, and your strategy for beating them.
GYM LEADERS: each gym leader will have a team of 4 to 6 pokemon of a single or double type. the double types will be pokemon of similiar type, (ice/water, for instance.) each Elite Four will have a team of 6 pokemon of no more than 3 types. dual type pokemon (like Venomoth or Luxray) are allowed, but thier primary type MUST be the assigned type. so if you're the Water type leader, Sharpedo (water/dark) is fine, but Omastar (ground/water) is NOT.
Here is a list of the Gym leaders i need: 
Water/Ice Type
Fire Type
Normal Type
Ghost/Psychic Type
 Rock/Ground Type
Electric/Steel Type
Fighting Type
i will be running a Poison Type team.
if you'd like to get in on this, send me a PM, tell me what type you'd like to run, and whether or not you'd like to be an Elite Four (as well as what types you'd run as an elite four member.)
prizes for league leaders and champions will be determined as the rosters fill up, they'll be anything from specially bred pokemon, parties, rare items and even legendary pokemon.