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Favorite People in Games

this is my list of my favorite people in video games, from production to press to publishing.

List items

  • the co-creator of my favorite video game site! guess which one.

  • the other co-creator of my favorite video game site!

  • the dude is just so passionate about what he does. every interview with the guy is a treat to watch.

  • while his latest game was a major dissapointment, i have alot of love for Tim, he's a true artist and a brilliant writer.

  • in an industry made up of pasty white, out of touch men, he is the pastiest, the whitest, the most out of touch. god bless him for all the unintentional hilarity he's brought to the culture.

  • i dont always agree with him, but i'll be damned if the guy doesnt make me laugh every week with Zero Punctuation.

  • he's Canadian!

  • for giving us this:

  • GTA for has one of the most compelling narratives i've ever seen in a video game, and Dan Houser along with Rupert Humphries deserve all the praise in the world for what they did with this game.

  • Shadow of the Colossus and Ico will never leave my collection. they are prime examples of what any game striving to be "artistic" should venture to be - sombre, engaging, and definitively a video game.