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Top 11 Bombcast Games

playing games and the tuesday night Bombcast are like caramel and ice-cream. delicious together, but only if you've got the right flavor of ice-cream. 
this is a list of my favorite games to play while i listen to a brand spanking new podcast. all the games are great fun to play, but dont really require any ammount of volume to play, so you can have fun playing them with the sound down, and listen to vinny, jeff, ryan, dave and brad bombcast thier asses off.
DISCLAIMER: these games are personal favorites, so while i'm sure there are some glaring ommisions in the reader's eye, this list is more a sugestion of titles based on personal taste, than a finite list of the best-of-the-best.

List items

  • Absolutely Positively the ultimate bombcast game. the balance of deep immersive gamaplay, long-term reward and a nearly endless campaign. if you like cars, if you like games, this is the ultimate bombcast game. no question.

  • a perfect bombcast title. with little to no important dialogue or narrative, and a focus on immediate fun, eye-catching visuals and tight, solid gameplay as well as plenty of grinding and loot-seeking, this addictive title is easily the best choice.

  • "kills for skills, agent!" is pretty much the only important piece of audio in this masterpiece of open-world mayhem. Crackdown gets lumped in with kitchen sink games, but it's pure and simple focus on combat and movement within a very open world are what set it apart, and wasting time in Pacific City is addictive, fun, and sucks up hours and hours.

  • a pure and righteous racing game. though it's soundtrack is stupendous, doing any number of the copious races available to you at any time in this slick, pretty, simple racing game is a great way to keep your hands and eyes busy while you listen to the bombcast.

  • a challenging, ambient game, and one so quiet it doesn't even require you to turn down the volume in order to listen to the bombcast. i dont think i've ever played this game outside of listening to the bombcast. the game is hard, lengthy, expansive and most importantly engaging.

  • one of the best racing franchises ever, and one of the best additions to it's legacy, DiRt 2 is the shining love letter/obituary to tragically-lost Colin McRae. like all racing games audio is hugely unimportant, only even slightly being needed in longer rallies, however even that's not important thanks of course to hud maps.

  • one of those perfect hand-held games that requires absolutely zero audio. a lack of voice overs and any kind of compelling radio music makes this a great game to play on the way to school or work while you listen to the bombcast.

  • few games require so little time investment yet suck up so many hours in a day. this fast-paced, almost perfect arcade racer is addictive and action-packed, but the soundtrack, as with all the burnout games, is abysmal, and it's only voice-over, Dj Atomica, is a more than acceptable trade-off if you've got the Bombcast going instead.

  • Okay. this game is awesome. we all know this. but there are only two points at which you require any kind of audio: at the very beginning, and at the very end. why? Razor Motherfucking Callihan. everything else is white noise. besides Burnout, probably the best open-world racer there is.

  • another perfect grind and loot based game with almost no reason to bother with audio. sleepy 50's music and stilted dialogue that is pretty much always acompanied by subtitles means you can kill hours and hours with last year's best RPG and never worry you're missing something because you've got the Bombcast going.