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Violence and Sex: FMS3. 0

  Can I tell you a secret? ... ... I love car porn. I absolutely love it. I live in a huge city so my experience with driving actual cars is, admittedly, limited, but I adore cars. They’re the ultimate testament to engineering, design, and power. They blend sophisticated engineering, scientific precision, and sleek kinetic design, with raw sex appeal and danger.  I just eat car culture up. I watch rerun broadcasts of Top Gear gluttonously, own every movie with a cool chase I can get my hands ...

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DiRT 2 – Part Sequel Part Amalgamation. 3

  A while ago DiRT hit the scene along with GRiD as Codemasters’ entry into the next gen racing platform, being next-gen rebranding of Colin McRae Rally and Toca Racedriver respectively. Dirt was a super solid racer that made up for its lack of online modes with a deep, varied campaign and slick graphics. Grid came out later on, and had beautiful visuals and completely solid online play. Its attention to detail, superb AI, respectable licensed vehicle library and detailed, open-ended campaign...

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50 Cent: Blood in the Sand... Yep! 0

Alright, so i was at my local none-Gamestop video game store the other day, picking up the PC version of the GTA 3 trilogy. Through a strange confluence of events, ended up leaving with a copy of 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand, for which i payed 30 dollars for. The game has kind of intrigued me since it's release, because, well, it apparently isn't terrible. which is shocking. after a hilarious Giantbomb seal of... sort of approval? i became increasingly curious, and decided what better way to cel...

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Red Faction Guerilla... Yeah! 0

So after beating the suprisingly great 50 Cent: Blood In The Sand, i quickly traded it into my place of work, for fear that it's poor sales and the fact that we were having a sale would plummet it's trade value to nothingness. so i brought it, and a copy of Tetris for the DS in, and got about 40 bucks. after my employee discounts i realized i had enough to get Red Faction: Guerilla for about a dollar ten in actual cash, and went for it. i had heard some generally good things about the game, and ...

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