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Bought one here in Australia on launch day a while back. No AC adapter here either. I mean I had one for my original 3DS, but yeah fuck Nintendo hard. They did this with the 3DS XL here too.

When I bought a Game Boy in the 90s and a Gameboy Color, I had to buy batteries. So I don't really mind buying a $5 charger. It just doesn't bother me.

Replaceable AA batteries vs propriety lithium-ion batteries. Not really the same thing at all.

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Like a few others here I use Audio-Technica ATH-M50 as well... because I care about audio quality more than other features.

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@samfo said:


Hey Panda Bear,

Fox FM, 2Day FM etc are all using this logo.

The Adelaide one recently had it's name changed hence why you havent heard of it.

I stand corrected.

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@samfo: "the major Commercial Radio station in Australia" --- yeah.... speaking as an Australian, working in the media who just had to do a reverse image search to work out what that logo was from, can I just say a local Adeliade radio station is not THErmajor Commercial Radio station in Australia.

Also, the Deus Ex logo never made sense because I can see a D but no E... and was the Resident Evil 6 logo that bad? I know about the giraffe blow job joke or whatever, but I thought that before that joke it looked fine to me...

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One thing that always bugs me is ALL games need to be online these days. I mean even the single-player Assassin's Creed Unity content basically HAS to be patched to run properly. So when patches are no longer available online in say 20 years good luck playing your buggy games on disc... it sucks, but that's the reality of it.

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@somejerk said:

@pandabear: Not in budget nor scale but I got more than my fill out of Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin! (Yakuza series), just entered 100 hours of play because there is still actual non-trophy hunting story content to be had (not NG+ yet) which is what I like and prioritize > getting a good amount of hours out of game without it being a mindless unfunny grind, without it losing its touch and feel. inFamous: Second Son at $60 was the complete opposite and I would have given it a very sour review for that reason (no game rentals in my country since mid-PS2 era contributing) while Destiny would rank high for feeling so good to roam around and shoot stuff in. Inquisition made me and many others go back to Origins and be happy again.

I do see your point, but budget and scale HAVE to be considered. I mean bugs in big scale games are the norm, rightly or wrongly. I think OPs original point was he's sick of bugs ruining big budget games and your retort was it doesn't happen in Japanese games... but I don't think Yakuza's scale is anywhere NEAR that of Inquisition. If Japanese developers ever make a truly large scale open world like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto V then we can do an apples-for-apples comparison, but until then you can't compare titles like that. Japanese games generally have less bugs because they're smaller in scope than ambitious western games. (Not an attack on Japanese games, that would be stupid, just how I see it really)

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@somejerk said:

Looking at the western releases, that is very true for the past two years.

Looking at the Japanese releases, I am in freaking heaven. So gooooooooooooooooooood. JOIN US.

Show me a Japanese produced game from 2014 that was as ambitious as Dragon Age: Inquisition. I can't think of one...

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@pandabear: There's no way I could believe that about Majora. They're already selling pre-orders as a 3DS game WITH box art. So, I'm pretty sure it's locked as a 3DS title. Also, it wouldn't make sense to make it New 3DS only. It wouldn't benefit from much more work than the OOT remake, which ran fine on the 3DS. I think they'll have a system seller, but I don't see any world where it is Majora. They would have had to quit marketing it as a 3DS game. Which is why I say New 3DS release date is holiday or winter, to give them time to drop a surprise bomb announcement that's New 3DS exclusive.

Ahhh yeah, you're probably right. I mean I love my New 3DS, but I don't own a game that takes advantage of it... except for Smash Bros I guess. But not enough,

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I was just thinking today that it's about time to hear about some of the release dates for these supposed 2015 release games. I don't think they'll mention the New 3DS. I see that as being an E3 "get your hands on it" kinda thing, where they give people a chance to check it out on the floor and then give us a date with a slew of games to launch with.

Wednesday, I hope for a Majora's Mask 3D and Yoshi's Wooly World release date, and maybe, MAYBE some details about this new Star Fox that's supposedly this year. Also, more of this new steampunk 3DS game that I haven't heard about since E3. And, my wishlist item, give us a good, 5-6 min gameplay demo of the new Zelda. Because I can't get enough.

I'll bet you anything they HAVE to talk about the New 3DS and all the details... I mean I've been playing mine since launch. It's a worthy upgrade. The rest of the world can't wait until after the middle of the year...

If I was to make a prediction that I'm only 50% sure on it'd be that Majora's Mask is New 3DS only and will have a bigger graphical update than Ocarina of Time.

Also, plenty of Monster Hunter 4 news.

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@sgtsphynx: this is true, it is a relatively new and and shorted lived idea, I just had hope that it would be the future going forward, especailly for downloadable games, which what my OP was mainly about.

It's like trying to put petroleum in a diesel engine -- game aren't just files that run on magic, they're coded to use the hardware they're made for. And emulation isn't as simple as one console is twice as powerful so it should be able to run a game made for an old system. The architecture between consoles is just too different for true backwards compatibility sometimes. And who knows if x86 will be used in a decades time?

Go look at the emulation scene for the SEGA Saturn. It's a nightmare... that hardware is just too hard to replicate. So you either hold back hardware to run old stuff or push forward and accept the loses. And frankly I'd rather games just kept pushing forward...