Games I played in 2019

List items

  • Beautiful art design that manages to make up for what is, at its core, a very basic and uninspired Soulslike.

  • Again. On Switch this time. What a gem.

  • Excellent remake of the classic.

  • A solid dungeon crawler from the talented folks at Supergiant. The roguelike setup doesn't quite gel with the studio's strengths and weaknesses. The combat gets repetitive relatively quickly and the story never quite gets off the ground. Still, a worthwhile effort from Supergiant.

  • What an utterly delightful game.

  • Well, we have a GOTY. From Software are by far the best at what they do, crafting immaculate combat mechanics and encounters and setting them in lush, layered worlds to explore. That final boss can go die in a ditch though.

  • The best co-op cooking/chaos simulator returns! Not as good as the original but still tons of fun.

    Not as good as the first one, alas. Got too punishing too quickly and didn't have the same high-five moments of co-op under pressure.

  • Co-op with the younger daughter this time, as opposed to the wife and older daughter back in the day.

  • What an ingenious game.

  • Remastered. On Switch! Because everything is better on the go!

    Felt a bit like moving through molasses after the lightning quick action of Sekiro. Still an absolute classic, though.

  • Another solid game from Image & Form.

  • What a charmer. Toriyama's art has never looked more alive and Horii's signature storytelling is in full effect. They've even toned down the grind...a little bit.

  • You're a cat, in a mech suit. In a metroidvania. Should be good.

    And lo, it was good.

  • Starts off incredibly charming. Love the dinky wooden starship and the cute, little solar system. We'll see how it goes.

    Started out on the PC and then picked it up again on PS4 in the autumn.

  • Forsaken. Just when I thought I was out (and had been for 2 years) they pull me back in.

  • Short and sweet.

  • It's Persona, only this time, IT'S WAR! Or something. The tactical game's not the best Fire Emblem's been at but still a classy game.

  • Now here's how you take inspiration from the Souls games, without being derivative. You'd be forgiven for thinking "Dark souls but with guns" sounds like the worst thing ever, I sure did, but it quickly won me over. Solid game.

  • Co-op with the wife. Split-screen implementation definitely could have been better but no one really makes couch co-op games like this anymore. So thanks Gearbox!

  • That sweet, sweet Capy Games magic returns. Lovely little puzzler.

  • Honk! Villain/Hero of the year.

  • Remedy is back with another game with a cool concept but yet again, the gameplay is lacking. Flinging things around is fun but when all you do is fight the same enemy type the game doesn't really force the player to innovate. And unfortunately the office building aesthetic (Cthulhu-esque or not) doesn't help in that regard either.