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Echoes of the song of pong

I have never been so affected by any Worth reading link as I was by The song of Pong. On the surface, this might seem odd, knowing that my life bears little resemblance to the heart breaking series of events laid out in that article, but the ripples were there. It's the ripples that kept me awake last night.

I should provide some context: 25 years ago I was born far too early in a central London hospital. As result I have a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, my mind and upper body (with the exception of a slightly stiff right hand) are normal but I walk with a heavy limp ( think Dr house or GTA 5's lester without the genius level intellect). As a child of the 90's I was never at much of a disadvantage because of my condition but nor was I perfectly happy. I found my happiness in three things: Comics, academic achievement and gaming. In the early 2000's, when everybody I knew wanted to be the next teen pro skateboarding sensation, I replaced my ability to join them with good grades, multiple playthroughs of soul reaver 2 and, of course, a high score on tony hawk's.

The point of that slightly over long mini biography then, is to underscore my next statement: I'm worried I might become the dad from the article. Normally, I might dismiss this feeling as self centred paranoia...but the thing is, I just became a father...

My son is 12 weeks old. Like me he was born far too early, arriving 14 weeks before his due date. Advances in medicine mean that he's been though hell but has come out fine and, after 80 days in the intensive care unit, has been at home with us for just over a week. I love him with all my heart, more than any game or console but still that article made me afraid. Gaming is my passion, I want to make a living writing about it but what if I can't get my priorities straight? I know Vinny does but what about me? Will I end up the dad who barely connects with his son because the new Zelda is out? In the past week I've been playing GTA 5 but only when he's asleep and I always stop to to check on him and care for him. I might be ok now but what about the future? I know I want to put him first, I guess I just have to trust myself to avoid the song of pong.

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