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End of the generation bargain bin blow out!

Every time a generation comes to an end I usually wait a year or so in order to mop up any games I either missed out or ignored on their release at knock down prices.

List items

  • I've always been a little too chicken to work through this series but now is the time...

  • Not sure whether to start with this instead of its predecessor and I've also heard that this might have a few game breaking bugs. We shall see.

  • I actually didn't mind how the original version looked, so the idea of a much improved version suits me just fine

  • During the ps3s launch I was actually pretty excited for this, but the sixasis control issues meant it wasn't worth price. Now however, it's £4 so I'm good to go.

  • I actually already own this but it has remained untouched thus far. When the cross gen games start to dry up, I will finally open its case.

  • Yet another game that wasn't worth a full price purchase but sounds interesting enough for under £10.

  • I'm a sucker for this kind of game.

  • The directors cut, of course.

  • Not actually an old game but the reduced price and the fact that I've only ever played namco fighters makes me curious.

  • I'm a Huge sonic fan. I loved generations and I'm told that the modern parts of that game are largely taken from this. Sounds good to me.

  • This game is truly awful. I know that, I've seen the lets plays...but I kinda want to see it for myself. Once again this game is under £5 so I honestly don't feel to bad about that.

  • I owned a copy of this on ps2 during the last cross-gen period and I really enjoyed it. The ps3 version has more content overall, even if it has aged terribly over the course of the generation.