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Ultimate Fighting Game Crossover

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  • Ryu is the main character of the Street Fighter series. He is one of the greatest fighters in the world. Along with Ken, he practices a fictional martial art rooted in an ancient assassination style that he learned from Gouken. He is a wandering warrior in search of becoming a "True Martial Artist".

  • Ken is the the friend, rival, and sparring partner of Ryu. He, is one of the main, characters ,from the Street Fighter series of fighting games alongside, Ryu, having made an appearances, in all major incarnations, of the series. As a main character, he has appeared in all of the Street Fighter games along with his best friend and rival, Ryu. Like Ryu, Ken's goal is to test his power against many different fighters and strive to become stronger.

  • Chun-Li is a martial artist deeply rooted in the Chinese Kung-Fu and an Interpol agent with a score to settle with M. Bison and Shadaloo over her dad's disappearance. Known as 'The Strongest Woman in The World' in-universe.

  • Cammy White was originally a brainwashed assassin under the control Shadaloo, an evil multi-national shadow government operated by M. Bison. Cammy broke from her brainwashing and, after incurring some memory loss, became a member of the British counter-terrorist organization, Delta Red. Very intimidating and also very hot.

  • Master Bison - known as Vega in Japan - is the leader of the evil organization Shadaloo, whose purpose is to take over the world. His tyrannical attitude is only as feared as his combat prowess, fueled by the energy of the Psycho Power

  • Akuma is possibly, the strongest, character, in the Street Fighter series. Akuma's special move, which is considered to be one of the strongest moves in the Street Fighter series, is the Shun Goku Satsu (lit Instant Hell Murder).

  • Known as 'the Red Cyclone', Zangief is a wrestling superstar in the SF Universe. Armed with his impressive physique, he is proud Russian who fights for the glory of his country and for wrestling.

  • Vega - Balrog in Japan - is a narcissistic and psychotic matador / ninja who is Shadoloo's top assassin. He believes that only those who are as beautiful as himself are worthy to live in this world. He has a rivalry with both Cammy and Chun-Li.

  • Blanka is a green humanoid creature who developed green skin and electric powers after years spent in the Amazonian jungle. Despite his monstruous appearance and feral demeanor, he is a very docile figure.

  • Rainbow Mika is a spunky wrestler who is a devout fan of the Red Cyclone Zangief. She has her own cult following due to her cheerful persona and her swift wrestling moves. She has a tag partner called Nadeshiko. She also has a nice ass.

  • Master of his self-made fighting-style Saikyu-Ryuu. Despite his miserable record of losses, Dan still believes himself to be the superior fighter; his ego is so bloated that he even sometimes tries to steal credit for other people's actions.

  • The transsexual Poison was a member of the Mad Gear Gang and later the manager of Hugo.

  • Female detective who was sent by a mysterious organization to infiltrate SIN and gather information on its BLECE Project. Crimson Viper's main advantage is her suit which crammed with various gadgets. She has miniaturized generator capable of emitting 10000 volts in her left glove and seismic hammer in the right one that can a concussive vibrational jolt equal to thousands of pounds of pressure per inch. Her boots are equipped with flame throwers jet propulsion which allows her to fly at high speed. But even without the suit, Maya is extremely agile and good fighter.

  • Kazuya Mishima is a fighter who has a very bitter history with his father, Heihachi, and his son, Jin Kazama. Thanks to his tremendous fighting skill and his Devil Gene, he makes sure to remember his enemies to be uneasy around him.

  • A Judo fighter with a short temper, Marshall Law's best friend and Kazuya's rival for a brief time. He strives on a quest to be "the greatest fighter in the universe" which often leads to comic relief.

  • Head of Mishima Zaibatsu. He is the Patriarch of the Mishima line and the driving force behind the Tournaments of the Iron Fist. Heihachi is also an extremely robust and powerful fighter. Heihachi Mishima is a elite world class fighter, powerful, arrogant and deadly, his main fighting style and discipline that of Mishima style Karate. He has been a world ranked fighter for most of his life. Although no longer in his physical prime, his cunning and skill and experience more than make up for this.

  • Yoshimitsu is the sword's title name, which is also given to the leader of the Manji Clan, whose purpose is to rob the rich and give to the poor. With a fighting style reminiscent of both ninjutsu and feudal japanese swordplay, he appears to have become more machine than man over the years.

  • King is a legacy title adopted by two separate people. The first was a pastor who managed an orphanage to aid young kids, while the second was an orphan who has followed on the former's footsteps after his death.

  • Jin Kazama is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama and grandson of Heihachi Mishima. After he finds out about the Mishima's ways and the heavy burden he carries - that being the Devil Gene - he vows to end his bloodline and get rid of the Gene, no matter the cost.

  • A Jeet Kune Do master who is Paul Phoenix's best friend and Forrest Law's father. His skill is only surpassed by his bad luck, and often takes part on the King of the Iron Fist tournament to get back on his feet.

  • Martial artists who competed in the Killer Instinct tournament with the hopes of confronting and stopping an ancient evil. Jago is possessed by the Tiger Spirit that the Tibetan Monks worship. The Tiger Spirit grants him physical prowess beyond what a typicla human could achieve. It also grants him the Endokuken ability. This allows him to fire a ball of energy from his hand. This energy is called Endokuken. Jago tends to cry out its name before using it.

  • A highly advanced assault cyborg d by Ultratech to be the deadliest piece of military machinery ever made. The prototype was entered into the Killer Instinct tournament as a demonstration to world governments. Mass production hinged on it's performance.

  • Cinder was a convicted criminal who agreed to participate in Ultratech’s chemical weapons test in exchange for early parole. A failed experiment turned him into a being of living flame. He has now been offered freedom if he can defeat Glacius in the Killer Instinct tournament.

  • Glacius is an alien who crash landed on Earth, his species thrives in cold climates, making most of Earth less then accommodating for him. He fought for Ultratech, under the false promise that if he won the Killer Instinct Tournament, that he would be provided the means to return home. It soon became clear to the alien that he was being used by Ultratech, and along with his new found friend, Cinder, turned on Ultratech.

  • Aganos is an ancient war-golem that originated in Mycenaean Greece. Aganos is an immense character, and due to its massive height and weight, it has incredible strength. Besides its hard bronze armor, Aganos has also incorporated many boulders into its body. It can store stones in its chest to give itself added defense and weight, or use the stones as projectiles. It can also transform the stones into different shapes, whether it be large walls to trap his enemies or gigantic clubs called Peacemakers.

  • ARIA, an abbreviation standing for "Advanced Robotics Intelligence Architecture" ARIA's entire robotic frame is composed of three different drone attachments: the "booster", "blade", and "bass" drones.

  • Omen is a freakishly loyal servant of Gargos who follows his master’s every beck and call, no matter what. He exists only to serve, and does his job as effectively as possible. Omen can control and manipulate shadow energy, which is mainly provided to him by Gargos. He has an unpredictable and frantic fighting style with awkward kicks and swipes due to his unfamiliarity with having a corporeal form, though he makes up for this with his ability to fly using his wings and attack with the confusing Rashakuken fireballs.

  • Trained as an elite field agent for covert operations, wetworks and black ops by the Special Warfare Department of the US military, the mysterious and beautiful woman known as the Black Orchid combines the qualities of a special forces operative and an assassin, rendering her deceptively lethal in combat. Orchid fights in a military CQC-style which emphasizes legwork, grappling and ground control techniques in order to subdue her victim, and utilizes various crowd control weaponry, such as stun batons or flashbang grenades, to disorient and control her mark before taking it down.

    Because of a highly classified government experiment that has been performed on her paternal grandmother, the Black Orchid is capable of summoning a cat-like manifestation of energy (which she affectionately calls the "firecat") that obeys her every command and which assaults anything that is threatening her. Orchid has been known to assume this cat-like form of energy herself as well, implying that the "firecat" in actuality is the extension of her own life force.

  • A devilish and god-like entity that is unfathomably powerful within its astral domain and profoundly manipulative and corruptive anywhere else, the infernal warlord Gargos has the singular obsession of attaining ultimate power in the universe and enslaving the bodies and souls of all sentient beings; from those inhabiting the mortal realms to the ones who dwell in the astral plane itself. A diabolical personification of dominance and abasement, the Shadow Lord corrupts and consumes all who cross his path of conquest.

  • Mira is a highly skilled huntress who, like Maya, is well-versed in the predatory fighting techniques which are the hallmark of the Night Guard. As a vampire, however, Mira has also become a mistress of ancient blood magics. Her gauntlets, the Gloves of Rasavatham (a version of the Philosopher's Stone corrupted by the power of the True Tsar), have replaced her blood with a silvery liquid metal resembling the poisonous substance mercury, which she can unleash from her undead body and manipulate in a variety of supernatural attacks and abilities. The combination of Mira's training as a former member of the Night Guard and her powers as a vampire make her an exceptionally dangerous nightstalker, and the favored lieutenant of the True Tsar.

    Mira's blood magic, especially when amplified by her gauntlets, however isn't without a hidden cost. It drains portions of her "health" every time she uses her blood-based attacks, forcing her to constantly feast on her opponents' life energies in order to sustain herself.

  • Sabrewulf possesses the usual abilities of a wolf, fighting mainly with his powerful claws and fangs. He has impressive speed and a very unpredictable and feral fighting style.

  • Sadira is a ruthless killer who delights in seeing her targets in pain, showing a clear sadistic streak in the way she taunts them in her native Thai tongue before each battle.

  • It is known that his father, a former member of the Shirai Ryu, forbade his son from joining the clan, as he did not wish for his son to live the life of an assassin. However, Hanzo joined in spite of his father's wishes in order to provide his wife and son with a comfortable life.

    Now Scorpion is a hell-spawned spectre, inexorably seeking vengeance against those responsible for the destruction of his clan and the death of his own family. Despite his malevolent appearance, he is not inherently evil. He joins the forces of evil when promised a means of resurrecting his clan on Earth, or the chance to inflict his wrath against those who butchered them.

  • Having descended from a race of Outworld inhabitants known as Cryomancers, Sub-Zero has the innate ability to control ice in many forms. Throughout the span of the series, Sub-Zero's powers have continued to evolve. Aside from flash-freezing opponents, Sub-Zero also has the ability to instantly conjure up an ice statue of himself to act as both a scapegoat and a 'landmine' of sorts as any who touch it instantly flash freeze. Since having taken possession of the Dragon Medallion, the scope of Sub-Zero's powers and abilities has increased significantly. As a member of the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero has attained a great degree of skill in many forms of hand-to-hand combat. The Dragon Medallion and his ancestral armor increased and amplified his martial arts and ice-related abilities.

  • Shao Kahn is shown to be an immensely powerful being. He is able to utilize magic and has superhuman strength and durability. He is also able to charge at the opponent with considerable speed and power. Armed with his Wrath Hammer, Shao Kahn can send opponents flying with one swing. During the events of Armageddon, he was able to smash through Mileena's magic barrier with his hammer. Like Shang Tsung, he can absorb the souls of others to increase his own power.

  • Princess Kitana is 10,000 years old, but is considered young in her realm of Edenia and has the appearance of a young woman. Kitana relies mostly on her Steel Fans in battle, although she is more than adequate in unarmed hand-to-hand combat. She can use her fans as both a projectile and a melee weapon, as well as a means to levitate the opponent for a juggling combo. She can also throw her fans while airborne and execute a midair punch to counter other airborne foes. She can also teleport and launch herself forward with a series of kicks to the opponent.

  • Unlike Kitana and Mileena, Jade wielded two weapons: a steel, sharp-pointed staff which transforms itself into a supply of 'razorangs.' She displayed the most effectiveness with the staff, preferring weapon combat over hand-to-hand combat. Jade's Staff can change length and has a purple aura.

  • Mileena is a clone of Kitana, d by Shang Tsung's sorcery in his flesh pits for Shao Kahn, using Tarkatan physiology. Vicious and evil, she despises Kitana, and feels that it is her own right to rule Edenia as Princess in her place. Her fondest wish is to kill her "sister", and claim her existence for her own. Being Kitana's clone, Mileena possesses incredible combat strength, aptitude and agility like her sister. What separates her from Kitana, though, is her weapon of choice in the sai. She exhibits proficiency with the sai that is equivalent to Kitana's with her fans. Coupled with the Tarkatan blood coursing through her veins and physique that allows for superb agility.

  • Ermac rarely shows any signs of emotion, but he has proven to be quite wise and a very deadly combatant, using his telekinetic abilties to battle multiple opponents at once while keeping the upper hand.

  • Liu Kang is commonly associated with the element of fire, which comes in the form of shooting firebound projectiles. He appears to have some degree of control over it as the fireballs sometimes form dragon-like shapes, and has even used the element for finishers as well. Kang also appears to possess a degree of shapeshifting, able to transform himself into a Chinese dragon which includes a serpentine body with small arms.

  • Lao is the most outspoken pacifist, although he will not hesitate to severely punish those who attack him, Earthrealm, or his friends. His trademark is his Razor-Rimmed Hat, which he can employ quite powerfully and effectively in combat. Many of his fatalities involve the use of his hat to some extent.

  • Being a Black Dragon warrior, Kabal is a ruthless but level-headed kombatant. His weapon of choice is a pair of Hookswords, which he can use to eviscerate his enemies with ease. After being ambushed by Shao Kahn's extermination squads, he is forced to wear a respirator system to keep himself alive, and wears a mask to hide his hideous deformity, which is apparently so revolting that other combatants would cower in fear because of it. Kabal's other defining trait is his superhuman speed. He is able to move at such blinding speeds he appears as a blur, making him the fastest character in the series. His speed has even been compared to the Flash from the DC Universe.

  • Goro is one of the most powerful warriors in the history of Mortal Kombat, being able to win 9 consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments, as well as defeating the Great Kung Lao in his first tournament.

  • Although being formless and ethereal, Raiden often takes form on mortal planes. As such, he appears as a fully-grown man wearing predominately white robes and a blue vest, his face usually shadowed by a straw hat. The effect is enhanced by his glowing blue eyes that radiate with electricity and long white hair.

  • Johnny Cage is depicted as the typical American action movie star; bare muscular build with karate pants and his trademark sunglasses. Despite his air-headed and superficial demeanor, Johnny Cage is a strong and agile warrior, showing an excellent fighting technique during battle. After long periods of training with various masters of martial arts, Cage himself has acquired mastery of several fighting styles, such as the famous Karate. Johnny descended from a Mediterranean cult that bred warriors for the gods: warriors with special abilities. One of these is the ability to propel himself forward and increase the strength of his blows. When Cage uses this power, afterimages of a green color are produced.

  • Due to his membership in the army, Jax is quite a hardened soldier in the battlefield. He is known to show incredible ferocity while staying focused at the same time. Jax's most prominent attribute is his massive upper body strength. His physique and strength are so powerful that he is able to crush human heads with ease and shake the earth with a single punch. Jax utilizes cybernetic strength enhancers to further augment his already impressive physical power. These implants also carry portable missiles and a piston-like mechanism to increase the force of his blows. His bionic arms may have made him the most physically powerful man on Earth, if he wasn't already that strong.

  • Smoke appears to specialize in stealth and speed. His powers as a human were unknown for the most part, but in both forms, his body emits a constant smoky fume, probably to obscure his movements from the opponent. Smoke is seen using smoke-related attacks, such as causing his opponent to cough as well as teleporting. In later appearances, due to Smoke's cybernetic "upgrades", his body appears to effectively be made out of smoke, or at least his nanomachines emulate the appearance of it. Whatever the case, due to further modifications made on his body by Noob Saibot, he has become a demon nonetheless.

  • As a Tarkatan, Baraka possesses greater stamina and fighting power than a normal human, along with his trademark weapon - the Tarkatan blades that extend from his forearms. He is also shown in many cases to have a highly acute sense of smell, as he can tell the true identity of targets by their scent, and a potent healing factor.

  • Despite his blindness, Kenshi possesses senses that are heightened beyond their normal ability and can fight on par with any other kombatant. Kenshi wields an ancestral sword that contains the spirits of warrior kings from his line, and he is in turn guided by these spirits in combat. He can sense an opponent's presence by their energy or by hearing them and thus, can take opponents by surprise. Also due to his blindness, he is completely immune to attacks that would target one's sense of sight. Kenshi is well-trained in telekinetic attacks as well, and is capable of teleportation.

  • Noob Saibot, once known as Bi-Han (璧漢 or 避寒)and the original Sub-Zero. his powers seem to be revolving around both shadow and phantom. With the phantom powers, Noob Saibot was able to remove and control a kombatant's powers using a ghastly force in the form of projectile attacks, as well as being able to lift them in the air. He is also able to use phantom powers to possess anyone or anything. His prominent powers are of the shadowy element, being able to completely manipulate it and possessing the ability to teleport as well as render himself invisible by blending in with the shadows. He was also able to manipulate the shadows to increase or decrease the effectiveness of his and others' powers limitlessly.

  • Unlike Shao Kahn, Shinnok relies less on brute strength and fear-mongering, but more on magical powers, ancient artifacts and manipulation. He is the ruler of the Netherrealm, possessing millions of years' worth of knowledge and power. He can impersonate any other beings of his choosing, as well as to transform into an immense demon. He also possesses extreme cunning, as well as the ability to manipulate events through others. Being a fallen Elder God, Shinnok possesses immeasurable powers. The nature of his powers seems to revolve around darkness and the Netherrealm, summoning skeletal hands from the ground to grab and bind his opponents as well as pulverize them. He also possesses Life-Force Manipulation and shapeshifting powers comparable to Shang Tsung. Unlike Shang Tsung, he is not required to steal souls in order to perform this feat, instead, he must have to defeat them or for them to serve him.

  • Triborg is a very advanced model of the Lin Kuei's Cyber Initiative, thus making him a very dangerous opponent. His signature trait is that he is capable of perfectly replicating the fighting styles, arsenal and powers of four previous members of the Lin Kuei: Sektor, Cyrax, Smoke, and Sub-Zero.

  • Being an Edenian, Sindel possesses an array of mystical abilities. One of her trademark abilities is her ultrasonic, super-loud screaming. The strength and its properties seem to differ on the focus. This ranges from sonic blasts to a fierce sound wave that can outright blast an opponent's skin clean off. She can tone this down to a degree to paralyze the unwary. Another of her mystical powers is her prehensile hair which can be used as both a throw and a finisher, where it would grow to extremely long lengths and be able to wrap itself around the opponent. Another of Sindel's distinguishing characteristics is her ability to levitate. Apart from serving as her win pose, she can use this to evade enemy attacks and deal damage simultaneously.

  • Being the half-god he is, Rain wields immense power. Rain can control two things that involve weather: water and lightning. His powers being related to such, he is able to pressurize jet streams of water to either propel himself or slice his opponents like a blade. Rain's control over water and lightning is so powerful he can storm clouds to block out the sun from the sky. He is most noted for his ability to trap opponents in a spherical prison of water that gives him limited control over their body. In addition, he is able to conjure up lightning blasts from the sky to blast his opponents into the air. He also possesses the ability to liquefy himself, turning himself into water and reconstituting behind them in a swift manner akin to teleporting. Through mysterious means, he enchants the strength in his legs, distorting space to strike them so hard that they would reappear opposite to his direction.

  • Nightwolf is absolutely in tune with all things spiritual. He is able to manifest bows and arrows d from spirit energy, and wields tomahawks of the same nature. He can empower his tomahawks with an ethereal green flame, or channel lightning into them for fatalities.

  • As a gunslinger, Erron Black is a master of firearms and one of Kotal Kahn's most deadly warriors as declared by the Emperor himself. An expert marksman, Erron Black is a crack shot with both of his pistols and rifle, as well as a competent hand-to-hand fighter. His marksmanship is so superb, he can ricochet bullets effortlessly. He also uses bombs filled with sand for added offensive means. He even uses caltrops to control his opponent's movements. Black is also competent in swordfighting, using a severed Tarkatan arm blade strapped into a handle (that also has the skeletal hand of the likely former owner of said arm blade) that he uses to brutally stab and slash at his opponents.

  • Described as possessing the power of an Earth Elemental, Tremor is capable of controlling many different type of minerals under the ground. He can summon rocks of various sizes, earthquakes of intense magnitude, and even cover his body with different elements that make up the Earth, ranging from crystals, to precious metals like gold, or even burning lava, expressing immunity towards the heat and burning touch of it. Combined with his immense strength and durability, Tremor is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Bayonetta has superhuman speed and agility, being able to perform numerous acrobatic feats with ease. She also appears to be extremely perceptive, able to evade attacks from all directions through anticipating her enemy movements in battle. She possesses immense superhuman strength and endurance, shown on numerous occasions when she is able to manipulate heavy objects ranging from vehicles to skyscrapers and also spring back up to fight whenever she is hurt. Bayonetta also showcases other abilities that are not used in regular combat. In "The Broken Sky", she is shown to have a cryokinetic ability by moulding rainwater into a spear by freezing it. She can also enhance and hotwire vehicles with her magic, seen when she uses her middle finger to hijack a motorcycle or activate the Umbran Armor's self-destruct. In the same way, it is implied that she can also control the movements of vehicles with her magic. She has quite a few other abilities, needless to say, she's a bad ass.

  • Frank West is a freelance photographer and the protagonist of Dead Rising. He's covered wars, ya know..

  • Chris Redfield from the very beginning has been an efficient upholder of the law, and is usually portrayed as being honorable and upstanding, almost to a fault. However, even he wasn't prepared for the horrors he would face in the Spencer Mansion and he had to withstand the strain of finding the majority of his team members killed, and to face the true nature of then Captain Albert Wesker, someone whom he once greatly respected. Chris isn't quite as prone to one-liners as most of his contemporaries and can be suitably summarised as a more self-serious brand of action video game character.

    As time passed and his experience combating B.O.W.s grew, he was able to adapt and hone his skills becoming a highly reliable soldier in the war against B.O.W. threats. Even as he gets older Chris continues to be highly considerate and polite towards just about everyone, which in turn has gained him a great deal of respect from the troops he commands. However Chris is also known to have a short temper and, unlike fellow recurring protagonist Leon S. Kennedy, can sometimes let his emotions get the best of him. Chris has nonetheless gone through a lot of loss throughout the years, and while it continues to take a toll, he always ultimately manages to regain his composition and continue forward as the 'Legendary Chris Redfield'.

  • Felicia is extremely physically fit. Similar to other cats, she posses strong feline instincts as well as great agility resulting in most of her abilities being acrobatic in nature. Such abilities including being able to roll into a ball and tackle enemies as well as cover large distances with ease. She also appears to have a very strong tail that can support her full body weight. Like all catwomen in the Darkstalkers universe, Felicia also possesses some supernatural powers too, including the ability to transform into a cat.

  • Nemesis is known for their sheer strength, stamina and high intellect, it is these that make it an efficient killing machine. Unlike previous Tyrants, Nemesis was able to employ the use of weaponary to help achieve its aims. It is also shown to have a developed sense of rational thinking. Nemesis possesses powers and abilities such as Superhuman Dense Tissue, Accelerated Healing, Master Combatant, Bio-Tentacles, High Degree of Intelligence.

  • Pyramid Head is the demonized spirit of the executioners of the Silent Hill Jail. They carry giant knives or spears while wearing a giant, metal Pyramid-shaped helmet. They're under the control of Samael the dark god. They were sent to Silent Hill to torture all those who got in their way.

  • He is a thin, sharp-featured man who is heavily disfigured with various burns and scars, giving him the appearance of a walking cadaver. Seemingly unrestrained by the laws of physical reality, he is capable of teleportation, superhuman speed, and invulnerability to the majority of all physical assaults. Fueled in equal parts by a seeming desire for revenge and his own madness, Ruvik torments all those who come into contact with him.

    Cut off from the outside world, Ruvik continued his research alone. Vicious burns have left his skin senseless and useless for regulating his body temperature. Ravaged by ceaseless headaches and physical and mental seizures, he was known for being close to the physical limits of his body.

  • Pinhead is an extremely powerful being and has several supernatural abilities. He is virtually unstoppable and invulnerable in the physical sense, but never engages in physical combat, instead letting hooked chains do his bidding. His usual form of attack is summoning these hooks and chains to mutilate victims, often pulling in several directions to rip them apart. These chains are subject to his total mind control and he may direct them at will. The chains may even change shape after having attached to a victim. Pinhead is highly resistant to damage and direct assault, able to shrug off all but the most potent attacks.

    His magic is also used for creating objects out of thin air, to teleport, creating explosions at distances and deceiving opponents with illusions. Pinhead is also familiar with the Occult and magic, with an ability to read people's minds. He is at once charismatic and terrifying, and can often persuade others to perform horrific acts to his favor.

  • Michael Myers possesses superhuman strength, stealth, endurance, and durability of an unknown limit. He has been known to be able to lift a large tombstone out of the ground and carry it for long distances by hand, penetrate an adult human skull with his thumb easily, lift and hold aloft an adult human male with one arm effortlessly, and impale an adult human male through a solid wooden door with a blunt object, among other feats. He is shown to be adept at sneaking up on his unsuspecting victims from hiding spaces and in open spaces without making any noise or attracting attention. He can withstand critical injuries that would normally result in death, such as being shot multiple times in vital organs(brain and heart included), deep stab wounds and/or impalement, high voltage electrocution, or severe third degree burns over most of his body mass. He may have a healing factor that would enable him to regenerate tissue and even whole organs, such as his skin and eyes.

  • Jason somehow returned to life after his death. Constructing and living in a crude shelter in the forest, seemingly waiting for his mother to find him and managing to live in the woods surrounding Camp Crystal Lake for twenty-one long years. He lived off the land and whatever he could pilfer from the camp. During these years, Pamela never found out where he was nor did he see her again until her death. Jason has many abilities such as: Immortality, Resurrection, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Numbness, Enhanced Speed, higher intelligence than expected, weapon proficiency, etc.

  • He cannot be killed while he is in the dream world. In the dream world he has displayed various capabilities which include the ability to regenerate back lost body parts, shapeshifting and telekinetic powers, in the real world he has enhanced physical capabilities and is quite adept with his metal claws and can withstand an incredible amount of damage that no living human can take.

  • Leatherface is known for wearing the "Face" of his victims and is a mentally disabled cannibal and serial killer.

  • The virus he injected also had the added ability of superhuman endurance and near-invulnerability; hardening his skeleton, internal organs, tissue, and skin, to the point that attempting to punch him or engage in hand-to hand combat would most likely result in fractured limbs on the part of the attacker. This is demonstrated in RE5 when attempting to attack Wesker up close as Chris during context sensitive events. Punching him will result in Chris grimacing and shaking the punching hand to alleviate the pain. The hardened skin is also such that it is quite capable of bending metal when struck against.

  • Her ghostly traits allow her to run across air and even disappear temporarily (during dashes). Her sleeves contain far more weapons that should be able to be contained in them, which she uses for attacks. The weapons Hsien-Ko uses include a saw, knives, a sword, a chain, a giant gong that can emit sonic-waves when struck, a spiked flail, and variety of other weapons. She also once in a while throws some cameo items such as a statue of Akuma, Vega's claw, and Chun-Li's bracelets.

  • Hiryu shows super-human capabilities during battle, heightened by his impressive agility and speed. While he rarely fights unarmed, Hiryu has mastered hand-to-hand martial arts (Taijutsu, or unarmed body skills) to a super-human level and possess above-normal physical strength, being powerful enough to hack through his enemy's limbs using only his bare hand as though he was slashing at them with his Cypher. Hiryu's physique has been honed through special training, granting him the ability to move around freely in any location or position, even while climbing or hanging off structures; as well as nimble movements and agility to perform high acrobatic moves such as cartwheel jumps and back flips. Hiryu also posses a gifted speed, easily reaching supersonic levels as shown when he evaded "Shadowtag Bullets", a man-sized anti-aircraft machine gun known for their ability to hit super sonic targets automatically thanks to an advanced radar system. His speed possibly reaches hyper sonic and above, but that is yet to be shown. He's shown moving and attacking faster than the human eye can perceive.

  • Amaterasu takes the shape of a white wolf with crimson markings across her body, a tail shaped like a Celestial Brush and a Divine Instrument floating above her back. Only particular beings, such as Issun, all other Gods and spirits, and presumably most animals and demons can see her true form. Also, humans with a strong belief in the gods can see her markings and instrument. When Amaterasu's ink pots are empty, she will temporarily revert to a plain white wolf. This is how most people see Amaterasu.

  • Arthur is a valiant knight faced with fending off legions of the undead and various other supernatural creatures. Arthur has bravely and valiantly faced powerful demon lords, such as Astaroth, Lucifer and Sardius, and lived to tell about it. Ultimately, he is the protector and rescuer of his beloved princess Guinevere.

  • He is initially outfitted with an armament known as the Z-Buster, an arm cannon capable of firing of blasts of energy as well as manipulating it to launch it in special variations and projections. Zero adopts and becomes the user of the Z-Saber, a beam sword that became his trademark weapon. Not only capable of manifesting itself as a beam of light, it is also capable of changing its consistency, ranging from different wavelengths of frequencies, different states of energy, including pure electricity, ice, and fire, and to even various mass compositions, including metal, crystal, and even foliage, to suit a variety of situations in combat and on the field. Zero is also outfitted with the Learning System, a system not unlike the Variable Weapons System in its copying and adaptation of certain weapons, but adapts various abilities and techniques of opponents and enemies, and even goes as far as copying the kind of power and possible energy projection emitted from the attack.

  • d by Keiji Inafune, Mega Man is a highly advanced robot in the shape of a young boy. He is the main character of the Mega Man series by Capcom.

  • His job is to defend his clients while also seeking the truth in the court of law. Needless to say, he's pretty bad ass, he certainly knows how to close a case and deliver the boot of justice.

  • Rush is Mega Man's robotic companion d by Dr. Light. Making his debut in Mega Man 3, Rush came with many helpful ability's. Rush could transform in to a coil, a hoverboard, and a submarine. He gained many upgrades over the life of the Mega Man series. He was given the ability to fuse with Mega Man in Mega Man 6, allowing Mega Man to use the Power and Jet Suits. Mega Man 7 saw the return of the jet and coil ability's, along side his ability to search and to go in to detection mode. The suites from 6 were combined and renamed in to the Super Adapter. Mega Man 8 gave rush more ability's then before, transforming in to a Motorcycle and Healing powers to name a few.

  • Known as Red Arremer in Japan, this notorious enemy character from the Ghosts 'n Goblins franchise also stars in his own spin-off series, as well as making many other cameo appearances in Capcom games.

    Abilities: Can spit fireballs from his mouth, fly (hover) and cling to walls (Hell Climb).

  • Sigma is capable of moving at great speed, often able to move faster than the hero can follow, vanishing from sight. Many of his bodies are also capable of teleportation. Sigma seems to favor saber and beam sword weaponry, often integrating powerful sword combos with his blinding speed or teleportation. On several occasions, he projects energy barriers around himself to block incoming attacks. In nearly every appearance, Sigma is capable of discharging enormous destructive blasts or waves of power capable of covering entire battle areas. Sigma's physical strength is considerable. In his first body, during a conflict with the original Maverick Zero, he was able to effortlessly break through Zero's defenses with a round kick, as well as easily toss Zero through the ceiling with a single hand. He has also demonstrated the ability to scale a skyscraper with a single leap.

  • Once transformed into the first Lizardman, Aeon became stronger, faster, and more vicious though began losing his humanity the longer he was stuck in that form. Lizardman seems to alter his body into a few reptilian forms through his existence since in SoulCalibur Lizardman is a humanoid raptor wearing a breastplate, in SoulCalibur 3 he is a frilled neck lizard, in SoulCalibur 4 seems to be more dinosaur like, and finally in Soulcalibur 5 he is more dragon like with a pair of wings. Lizardman can apparently evolve his being by devouring the bodies of his victims, explaining his recent growth of wings and the ability to shoot fire from his mouth.

  • Due to possessing copies of the Soul swords, and having control of the Astral Chaos realm, Algol is the most powerful of all Soulcalibur characters with Night Terror being the sole exception. Algol possess high fighting skill with his replica Soul Edge & Soul Calibur, being able to fight on par with Mitsurugi, and he also has skill with Zweihanders like Soul Edge (Nauplius). Even unarmed, he was also capable of defeating Arcturus (wielding Soul Edge), and was able to break the sword with his bare hands. He is also the only person ever to be immune to Soul Edge's possession. After gaining the power of Astral Chaos and becoming an avatar of war and domination, he re-appeared in the normal realm by simply willing a new body into existence, his entire body became a weapon, with him being able to generate numerous powerful weapons from his frame, he could also alter his body's height and weight to whatever he wills it to be, and his blood stream became pure power. He is also capable of levitation and flight. Whilst inside Astral Chaos, Algol possess supreme reality warping abilities, shown by how he d the Tower of Glory with a simple thought. Due to having mastered the chaotic energy of Astral Chaos (which is the purest form of power), Algol is a god who life and entire worlds on a whim.

  • Astaroth (アスタロス, Asutarosu) is a golem character in the Soul series of fighting games. The original Astaroth made his first appearance in Soulcalibur and has returned for Soulcalibur II, Soulcalibur III, Soulcalibur Legends (as Astaroth alpha), Soulcalibur IV and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

    After he is killed, a new Astaroth appears in Soulcalibur V. However, the original returned in Soulcalibur: Lost Swords and Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul. Throughout the Soul series Astaroth is referred to as "Black Giant" and "A Soldier Of The Heretics".

  • Nightmare is incredibly powerful, thanks to being the incarnation of Soul Edge. He possess immense sword fighting skills - as shown by how he was taking on and defeating multiple armies at once, even with only the phantom Soul Edge, and physical strength - as shown during his battle with Siegfried, where one slash from his sword destroyed the entirety of Ostreinsburg Castle. Nightmare also has the ability to release the Evil Seed, a corrupting rain of energy, he can drain his enemies' souls, and can use a massive soul draining technique called the "Soul Wave", which drains the souls of everyone in the area into Soul Edge. It is also shown that he can at least two weaker clones of himself if he wishes. Nightmare can also control anyone who has a sufficient amount of Soul Edge's shards imbued within them, and as such if someone contained Soul Edge's shards and was killed, he could even revive them as an undead warrior.

    He has numerous fire manipulating abilities, he can summon fire around Soul Edge to increase its damage output.

    He can also infuse Soul Edge with lightning to increase its damage output.

    Nightmare can teleport, when doing so he is wrapped in flames and disappears in a fiery explosion.

  • The Edge Master is potentially the most skilled fighter in the series, he has mastered every fighting style in the Soul series perfectly. Edge Master also possess a seemingly eternal lifetime, and as such has been in countless battles.

  • Due to being the spirit of Soul Calibur, Elysium is incredibly powerful. Elysium can perfectly mimic and improve upon any fighting style used by a female, as well as morph Soul Calibur into a form matching the fighting styles. She can also transport herself and her opponent into Astral Chaos, and can protect people within this realm. If needed, she can possess whoever wields Soul Calibur and fight using their body (as long as she is in control, one of the host's arms is crystallised), allowing them to use the sword's full power. She is also capable of flight and ice crystal manipulation, creating as many spiked ice crystals as she wishes and trapping foes inside large ice crystals.

  • Mitsurugi has only one goal in mind: To seek out the strongest warrior and challenge them to a duel then become the strongest warrior in history. He is never satisfied at the opponents he defeated in battle. Aside from being cocky, Mitsurugi is the kind of a person who sticks to his words; he's not all show. Being a ronin, he fights with honor and kills his opponents in an honorable fashion, and several of his endings reveal that he has a moral side. As shown in one such ending, he is shown to believe that true strength lies within a person and not from the weapon. He is considered a neutral character.

  • Ivy has a unique fighting style that utilizes both short and long range attacks thanks to her magical sword. She is also one of the characters that switch stances along with her sword's length whether it can be coiled, whip, or a sword state. Her speed is average and her kicks too. Her throws deal good damage but her two signature throws Summon Suffering and Calamity Symphony deal better damage.

  • Maxi's fighting style resembles that of a Jeet Kune Do practitioner. He relies on short-range but very fast attacks that will put the opponent in a disadvantage. He also can use various fast and powerful kicks that will sometimes knock the opponent down on the ground.

    My favorite SoulCalibur character.

  • Natsu uses an improvised version of Taki's move-set, focusing on close to mid-range. Natsu retains Taki's Possession stance in Soulcalibur IV. Compared to Taki, Natsu has higher damage output, but has fewer mix-ups with certain attack strings. To compensate, she has a few delayed input attacks to catch the opponent off-guard and deceptive options in Possession stance, such as using a bomb, quickly changing to a horizontal attack, or even teleporting behind the opponent. Like her master, Natsu has some of the fastest attacks in the game (i.e. A:6) and effective punishers. She also has some of the best okizeme in the game, mainly by the fact she can pressure her opponent with bombs (especially the unblockable version) or low attacks after knocking them down at the end of a combo.

    Natsu is considered a top-tier character by the Soulcalibur community and is my second favorite SoulCalibur character.

  • The Poster boy of Soul Calibur.

    Patroklos uses the sword and shield like his family, inspired by his mother and aunt's fighting styles. He can perform very aggressive combos that leads to a lot of options of finishing the opponent off, but some of his combos can either be recovered or aerial controlled. Patroklos's brave edges and his critical edge is something to look out for when facing an expert player. Overall, Patroklos's fighting style is quite balanced despite lacking areas of reach.

  • Pyrrha seems weak willed, reluctant to fight her opponents. On occasion, she even seems to regret winning (she cries after the battle, saying This... can't be my fault!). The way she fights combined with her quotes make her participation in the battles look very forced, which is unlike any other character in the game. This is due to her having grown up being seen as a bad omen. She taught herself to avoid conflict and apologize even as others turned their back on her. She has a sweet, somewhat fragile and sad personality. Her gentleness is reminiscent of Sophitia when she was young, who later on became tougher because of the turmoil and her involvement with the swords.

  • Siegfried possess high strength and sword fighting skills, as shown by him wielding and effectively utilising his Zweihanders. This is displayed by how he effectivley fought off a large number of malfested soldiers by himself. Despite no longer having Soul Calibur in his possession, Siegfried still retains some of the abilities he had while using the sword, as shown by how he can make trails of ice crystal spikes by stabbing his sword into the ground. If in extreme danger, it is shown that his father's spirit will protect him by summoning bolts of lightning from the sky to strike his enemies.

    Whilst wielding Soul Calibur, Siegfried is able to use the sword's numerous abilities. He is able to summon numerous ice crystal spikes to attack his opponent, and can ice crystal structures to act as prisons for his enemies, he also gains additional body armor made from the crystals, giving him two layers of armor.

  • Voldo is easily recognizable by his strange and unique style of play. His moveset is based on contorting his body in unnatural ways, making him an extremely unpredictable fighter. He also has many stances that compliment his odd style, like his Mantis Crawl in which he stands on his four limbs face-first. Also unique to Voldo is his ability to fight with his back towards his opponent. He uses a different set of attacks in this mode, though he returns to face-forward mode to execute grabs. Due to the nature of his weapons, Voldo has one of the shortest range in the game, which is considered a major flaw. Also, due to his lack of eyesight, Voldo will sometimes miss the opponent if they are quicker than him. Despite these difficulties, he is generally considered as a high tier character by the tournament community.

  • Kong's Dance of Qi Tian Da Sheng: Knocks his opponent into the air with his rod, and then delivers a midair kick combo (three kicks), and strikes them down with his rod.

    Xiba is easy-going and friendly; when fighting, he doesn't show too much aggression as he tries to have fun. Underneath this goofy persona lies a pure heart of gold. While Leixia disregards him as clueless and idiotic, Xiba is a fast thinker and is more intelligent than he appears, creating his own fighting style that suits him.

  • Beautiful, sexy, confident, conceited, and playful, Morrigan may be called many things given that she is a succubus, but she is not necessarily evil despite her heritage as a demon of the Makai realm. Instead she is friendly and approachable, perhaps in part due to her frequent visits to the material world to pursue her hedonistic tendencies. Morrigan is always out to satisfy her hunger and will often shirk her responsibilities as the current head of the Aensland estate to find something more engaging.

  • Dante has many abilities including: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Agility, Demonic Energy Channeling, Elemental Resistance, Limited Telekinesis, Accelerated Healing Factor, Superhuman Durability, Thanks to his half-demon nature, Dante can release his demonic power through his Devil Trigger. This turns him into a full on demon, Master Martial Artist, Master Marksman, Master Swordsman.

  • Treble seems to be an almagation of sorts of all of Mega Man's support characters, though many of his functions are imitations of Rush's.

    Treble can fire high energy blasts and fly and merge with Bass acting as his armor.

  • B.B. Hood has no special abilities but she is skilled with different types of weaponry. Her weapons of choice are a seemingly endless number of various armaments and ammunition that she keeps hidden in her basket. She seems to favor her uzi machine guns in particular and her spetnaz combat knife. Her basket also doubles as a rocket launcher. Additionally, she tosses an endless supply of landmines from her pockets. Though a sweet little blonde on the outside, she's a powerful character and is highly psychotic. B.B. Hood is feared by weaker Darkstalkers everywhere.

  • Spawn's body is quite dense, weighing over 450 pounds and is composed completely of necroplasm. This gives him superhuman strength, speed and durability. While he still has internal organs, they are only semi-functional, however their damage or destruction does not hinder Spawn at all. These organs magically re-appear when he regenerates his wounds.

    Spawn has mastered thirteen forms of martial arts throughout his life and career, all including: Judo, Jujitsu, Karate, Kung-Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Taekwondo, Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Hapkido, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu and American Karate.

    Spawn has vast magical powers.