My Favorite Weird/Odd Games from Japan

I love all of the quirky stuff that Japan was/is known for so why don't I make a list to celebrate some of my favorites.

List items

  • I played the demo of this game to death when I first got my PS1. It was until I got the Remastered PS4 version that I actually completed it.

  • There's a teacher who works nights as a maid, a punk-rock doctor who tests medicine on you, and a cat that tells you to sleep all of the time. This Persona gets super weird at times and I love most of it.

  • The gameplay is solid but there is no denying how freaking weird Bayonetta can get.

  • If you played Persona 5, you know that the game owes a lot to Catherine. Catherine is the story of a man in a long-time relationship hesitant to take the next step. Then one night at the bar, everything changes and I don't want to give any of it away. More people should track down this game. The puzzle gameplay might not be for everyone but it goes some places if you follow it through.