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31 Days of 2Spooky4U - Day 2 (Slender: The Eight Pages)

Hey duders! 31 Days of 2Spooky4U is a daily blog series I'm doing on some of the spookiest moments, things, concepts, etc. in videogames for the month of October. Enjoy!

Day 2) Slender: The Eight Pages - The Building

·The Game: You are in the woods, it is dark, and you are alone. The only resources at your disposal are a simple flashlight and a video camera. You need to find 8 notebook pages scattered randomly throughout your world and something is after you. Something that you cannot defeat, cannot understand, can never truly escape from. Tough luck there buddy, but it seems you’re in Slender: The Eight Pages.

·The Spooks: This entire game is a real pants shitter for various reasons – randomized content, bone-chilling music, and some really tall faceless guy who keeps following you around. But the crème de la crème of spooks comes from the office building.

Unlike the rest of the woodsy game this oddly placed structure is stiflingly confined. There are plenty of sharp corners for Slendy to pop around at any moment but no quick way to escape him, especially when the corridors are so easy to get lost in. It’s easy to think you’ve scoured the whole joint only to realize seven pages collected in that goddamn it you only went through half that building the first time around fuck fucking shit you are so fucked.