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31 Days of 2Spooky4U - Day 4 (Pokemon: Red/Blue/Yellow)

Hey duders! 31 Days of 2Spooky4U is a daily blog series I'm doing on some of the spookiest moments, things, concepts, etc. in videogames for the month of October. Enjoy!

Day 4) Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - Lavender Town

·The Game: Pokémon - a delightful little series about children who are kicked out of their homes before they hit puberty, encouraged by society to enslave a variety of critters and then force them to compete in a horrendous blood sport to become The Very Best. Adorable! But even such an innocent kid’s game can hide some serious Spookiness.

·The Spooks: Remember that simpler time when you were just a kid/a socially awkward teen/an painfully socially awkward adult? Yeah, those days were great. Back when you could spend hours training your little virtual monster friends to be stronger and stronger, when you had an entire world to endlessly explore (provided you didn’t want to hop any fences). There are some places though, that even the toughest Pokémon or the bravest trainer tremble to tread – because in the world of Pokémon there’s only one way to send off your dead magikarp, and it isn’t by flushing it down the toilet.

All dead dogs may go to heaven, but all dead pocket monsters go to Lavender Town.

Apparently Kanto decided that they didn’t want no Pet Semetary type situations popping up across the continent and made Lavender Town the final resting place for all Pokémon, which means this spooky burg is filled with ghosts, graves, ghosts, spirit chanellers, ghosts, creepy music and, oh yeah, motherfucking ghosts. Some choice moments include:

·The fact that you can’t even truly see the ghost Pokémon that come after you until you get the sylph scope, appearing to you only as ghastly apparitions up to then.

·The shitberg who gives us this conversational tidbit:

"Do you believe in ghosts?"


"Haha, I guess not. That white hand on your shoulder, it's not real."

·Channelers who come after you screaming for your blood.

·Music that gives you a sense of creeping dread, that the cold feeling on your neck isn’t just the air conditioning, that your life is a fragile ball of spun glass balancing precariously on the edge of a cliff, between life and death, that at any moment it might slip and oh goD OH GOD N

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