Giant Bomb X Bullet Club T-Shirt

EDIT: THANKS once again to everyone that already pledged for a shirt. Only about 20 hours left as of this update if you'd like to snag yourself one of these shirts!

A few years ago when Giant Bomb made it’s move from Whiskey Media to CBSi I made the GB4L (Giant Bomb 4Life) design in spirit of the nWo and the Bomb Crew taking over this new territory.

This year, I did something in the same vein. For no good reason at all I designed this lovely Giant Bomb X Bullet Club mash up T shirt in my spare time.

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For those you who don’t know, or need a reminder, what the NWO was, they were an ever growing group of evil wrestlers invading an organization (WCW) wearing black and white t shirts with a catchy design and yelling 90s obscenities. Bullet Club on the other hand is from New Japan Pro Wrestling and is... an ever growing group of evil wrestlers invading an organization wearing black and white t shirts with a catchy design and yelling 90s obscenities.

I posted it on twitter and the Wrestling Thread and got a lot of positive feedback and requests to turn it into a shirt. So after getting the all clear from Rorie, I did!

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Not posting any links here but if you are interested in getting one of your own, you can check out my twitter for details. It's going to be a limited run so get 'em while they're hot! Hope you find my design awesome/dumb/mostly awesome. It was a ton of fun to make. If I see you wearing it at PAX East this year I’ll make sure to 2Sweet you!


#TeamBrad Art Project

Happy Monday everybody,

It has been a long time since I've posted any art around here. Well...let me rephrase that. It has been a long time since I have posted any art around here that was not on the wrestling discussion thread. But I digress. This weekend I has overtaken by the sensation that I'm sure many of you were takenover by as well, and that sensation was Team Brad.

That was pretty awesome right? Well I made some designs for that. 7 to be exact, but mostly variants. Here is my favorite.

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I made them with the thought of T shirts in mind (made apparent by the CHINA DON'T CARE color scheme) but I'm sure some of you may like them as a desktop wallpaper? I'll make the proper changes for that if people want them. Anyway here are the rest and let me know what you think of them.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

Luchadeer joins the GB4L crew!

Hey guys! it's me! You know, that guy that posted the review art of patrick a few days ago. Ya you know the one. Well I got something else to share with you all today. It's the newest member of the GB4L crew!

Personally I'm pulling for Cool Baby in GB4L Wolfpack
Personally I'm pulling for Cool Baby in GB4L Wolfpack

This and the Patrick review scale have both been part of a 30 art marathon I've been doing. My own "30 Days of Hate" if you will. Every day for the month of June I've been making a new art piece. Luchadeer here marks the half way mark. So what do you think?

Oh, and if you have any interest in seeing what else I've done for this marathon, feel free to check it out on it's facebook page (yes I know, I'm sorry). It may interest those also following Alex's Year of the Cage, or if you ever thought Mario Kart was a little gangsta.

Speaking of Alex, I'm working on his review art, so keep an eye out for that.

I never know how to end these things.



I found some time to make a 1920 x 1080 version for anyone who wants it.

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Giant Bomb 4 Life: The Giant Bomb nWo Titantron.


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I'm just gonna leave this here too...Would be a pretty cool T shirt don't you think?

If anyone thinks I should keep making stupid GB4L stuff let me know in the comments. I'd wouldn't be against making a poster of all the guys but I want your input.

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Thought I might try to lighten the mood some.


People actually don't like the Galactic Punt?!

An acquaintance of mine had just started to play Persona 4 for the first time and yesterday I got some shocking news. This person, if you can even call it that, did not like the galactic punt! No, That isn't possible. How can that be possible?!

The scum's defense for this blasphemy was that in performing the move the end result was less Exp. at the end of battles. As a result, he never let Chie do it anymore.

In my head I thought to tell the ignorant slut that in Persona 4, compared to Persona 3, it is much easier to grind for Exp. since there is no game mechanic that stops you from running through the dungeons like there was in P3 with the risk of getting tired and sick. At worst you run out of SP but at a certain point you can just pay Fox if you are somehow incredibly under leveled.

This is what I should of said. Instead the rage overtook my body and I woke up the the next day with a mixture of mud and blood dried to the insides of my fingernails. Also I can't find my shovel or my bag of lime.


Just thought you guys may be interested that there are were people like this out there in the world.


Super 100% S-Link Quest Go! Week 1.

First, let me let you know, that I know, that I am a little crazy. I am not particularly masochistic when it comes to video games. I don't often go above the normal difficulty, and GOD forbid Very Hard! but I have a weird habit when it comes to these types of games. My freshman year of College I picked up the original N (the ninja game) on my Mac Book and before Summer vacation, I 100%ed it. Was it fun? I can't remember, but I know that I HAD to beat it.  
I thought I kicked the habit. I never wanted to be the guy. I restrained myself from buying N+, but now I have a new vice. Super Meat Boy.  I've relapsed and hot DAMN does it feel good.  
So here I am, 4 days and I thought I jot down my progress and thoughts on the journey so far. Before I get started, know that I am playing this game like a crazy person. The guys mentioned on the podcast that you need to let go and leave some things behind. You need to leave a few bandages behind, not make the A+ time on some levels. Maybe even miss a WAAAAAARP ZOOOOOONE or two.  I Unfortunately don't have it in me to do that. I wish I could, but even now when I'm simply thinking of it I'm gritting my teeth and my vision is getting a little fuzzy. I am slowly truckin' my way through this game, for better or for worse. So here we go. 

  • Chapter 1: 100% complete. I wish I could tell you a little more about the dark levels, but when I look back I just remember a lot of high pitch screams and a lot of flailing. 
  • 1-5x Creamsoda: If you have 19/20 bandages, chances are this is your last one. HOURS went into looking for this bandage and I stumbled upon it on accident. 
  • Chapter 2: I'm 100% with ONLY the light world. I have 11 bandages and 3 warps. For some reason it says 13 bandages. Anyone know why?
  • Warp Zone: Blood Shed. it sucks sooo bad when all you want are bandages. 
  • 2-16: SNYJ is the only level so far that I've had trouble with getting the bandage and getting the time so far. Let it be known that I hate propellers.
  • 2-18: Destructoid's bandage can eat a dick. It took me forever to find the secret passage and when I did I felt like an idiot. Did feel all super spy when I got it though. 
  • 2-12: Above. If this trickery is what is in store for the rest of the game, I think I may have an aneurism. That warp zone wasn't a piece of cake either.
  • That second boss fight was pretty funny
  • I played 2 levels of "TEH INTERNETS" and now I see why that's optional
  • Unlocked Gish and Alien Hominid with the Bandages so far. Gish seems super useful while AH seems like he's only in there cause HEY NEWGROUNDS
So that's it so far. I'm still relatively in one piece. I don't have any blisters and my hands are all right. Ever since I strained my hand going on a mining spree in Mass Effect 2 it's been a lot harder for my hands to cramp up. I'm having a ton of fun and I look forward the chapter 2's Darkworld for this weekend. If anyone out there needs any help with finding stuff in the first chapter or the light world of the second chapter let me know. I'll hopefully not lose my mind in time to make a second one of these next week.  
Good luck everyone. Remember. NEVER NOT RUNNING! 
EDIT: So I thought I was exempt from all the Super Meat Boy bugs but, nope. I'll pick this back up as soon as the game starts letting me get bandages again. 

So I got to watch some Force Unleashed 2 today.

 I was walking around the outside of the Lucas building in San Francisco today looking around for the Yoda fountain when I noticed a lot of the offices I was walking by had 360 controllers on their desks. I walked further and I saw some people playing the game. So I stood around for a while to see what's up. Well I proud to say everyone that that game is in fact a Force Unleashed game. You throw your lightsaber. Swing storm troopers all willy nilly. I saw some of the stuff I think they showed at E3 that took place inside the clone facilities. Starkiller was fighting Vader and it looked a lot like the other jedi/sith battles from the first game. Lots of running up, slash, run away and throw saber/use lighting.  I saw a set piece where Starkiller is falling from a tower blowing up tie fighters.  
The most interesting thing I saw was through the 2 or 3 levels I saw it played on, I didn't see any lame force immune enemies. I know that isn't saying much but it's a good sign so far. If I am denied the satisfaction of chaining together terrified storm troopers like a barrel of monkeys I will pass on this game. Over all it was a weird experience. Felt like game paparazzi. Kinda dirty.    

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