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Papercut's Krazy™ GOTY 2013 List.

There were a lot of games I didn't get to this year but I still feel confident about the top 10 I came up with. Join me won't you?

List items

  • This is game of the year. I don't know what to say that hasn't been said. Except maybe that Ellie learning how to whistle and then learning how to make UFO noises is the cutest thing ever.

  • Story in games is hard, but when done right it's consistently my favorite part of games. Also I have Vinny disease where I need to collect everything in video games. So this game is perfect! Knowing nothing about this game and just playing in from start to finish was one of the most memorable gaming experiences this year.

  • Jorgi for character of the year.

    Ever since the demo for this game came out I have been obsessed with this game. The was it can turn monotonous gameplay into empathy and a interesting narrative is amazing. This game makes me feel horrible in the best possible way and I don't think there has ever been a game like it.

    My final college paper was on this game for fuck sake!

  • This was the game were I realized I really like Ninja Theory. Enslaved was a spectacular surprise when it came out too. The only knock I had against it was it's combat and DmC deals with that issue by making some of the best 3rd person character action controls I've ever played. On top of that the character work is superb, the level design is original and memorable, the boss fights are...boss. I'm running out of ways to say I like things.

    If there was one game I could recommend to someone from this year that they might of missed. It would be this game. Play this game god dammit.

  • The controls are just sooooooo tight. It was that Super Meat Boy experience were I could just pick it up and spend hours going through that damn castle. Also it's pretty funny.

  • For a studio and game that went through so much in just a year this game should of been a cluster fuck. And it was, but in the best Saints Rowy kind of way. Dub Step guns, loyalty missions and Rody Piper. I'm set.

  • The gameplay was fun. The opening half of the game is so well put together. Columbia is just as interesting as Rapture. Those Luteces! The only reason it isn't higher is because the second half. The jumps through time seem too speed up the story beats and character arches too much. By the end of the game I felt like the tears were more of a story crutch than any thing else.

    I don't know, maybe I have too high of standards for time travel narratives.

    P.S. Ghost Trick is the greatest time travel video game ever. I will fight you.

  • I love the Phoenix Wright franchise and it's move to 3DS added a lot to the formula. I liked the new polygonal art that still conveyed the detail of the old sprites and the series' already phenomenal music sounded even better on improved hardware. That being said, the streamlined nature of the investigation portions made it feel a little too on rails and the story was a little too similar to past games. Still it didn't prevent me from wanting to see more of it and to put it in my top ten.

  • Sometimes more GTA is all you need. It was the best looking and expansive world Rockstar has made. At times the story and characters would fall flat but I would always find myself in awe going LOOK AT THAT THING OVER THERE.

  • What a fun, experimental and educating little thing. I don't think I saw even half of what this game had to offer but the short experience I had with it was just super.