J. K. Simmons: The Movie

You may know him in many roles, but there is one personality that exudes from all of them. "What are you doing. Whatever it is, forget it and do this."  This man does not care what your opinions are and has 10 better things you should be doing.

In his new role as Aperture Science's very vocal founder and CEO, J. K. Simmons delivers a straight forward but comical performance guiding test subjects through experimental trials. But this is not the first time he has played a role telling others what to do. Simmons has played a Newspaper editor, President, and Farmers Insurance Professor with the same "moving on" attitude.

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This man is good in what he does and with the back story's provided by his characters why not just make that a movie. Proffesor does mad experiments in his classroom with wild inventions, creates a company and then becomes president. From the Cave Johnson to the president in Command and Conquer , you got a guy who went from the

famous " lemon" speech to "you want to live, vote for me."

That set-up may be an improbable dream but J. K. Simmons comedic performance displayed in the parts he's been in  shows a possibility for a National Lampoon or Dreamworks movie.