That there is one damn fine coat you're wearin'

 That coat's too good for ya.
 That coat's too good for ya.
Like the lumbering brick house Marv, I too appreciate a good coat and being in a town that's cold most year round, I started envying some video game characters and their winter apparel. Of course there's no need to result to violence, but sometimes people are too selfish to share.

List items

  • Solid Snake had the ability to knock them out, but didn't take it upon himself to take their gear. If he can snap some necks, he might as well take their jacket.

  • It must be the jacket. Snake has to have shots and a special sneaking suit made to withstand Alaskan weather, but Liquid is commanding SHIRTLESS in a coat. Aside from Vulcan Raven, whom I'm chalking up to him being a shaman and able to smoke some good chiba to keep him warm, That coat has got to be pretty freaking warm.

  • Easily the most accessible to coat to get. Hell, I've worn that jacket throughout High School. Lot's of pockets and resistant to fog induced psychological terror. Or High School.

  • Cool Samurai/trench coat. I don't know why Auron keeps his arm hanging out, because that defeats the whole purpose of having a coat.

  • Not just warm, but a gameplay element touted in this game was the ability to open up his jacket and place items and mix things. I definitely could've used extra pockets going to the movies.

  • On the bright side, it's big and baggy with a hoody which makes it good for cold and rain. On the downside, its a short sleeve? I guess it's good when a cold day changes to warmth, but I'm going for straight cold weather resistance.

  • Marston fits the quota by having two coats I want. He has access to a poncho which is cool. Kind of like what I'm trying to do now by cutting a hole in a blanket and sticking my head through. And secondly, I know he carves up animals which makes it possible to wear a bear coat.