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The All new All MIA Podcast website!

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Well over the last week or so I've been hard at work setting up a website for the All MIA Podcast! I hope you LoL fans here on Giant Bomb would come and check it out! The address is! You can listen to the most recent episodes right on the website, as well as view all our post cast lol matchs! 

All MIA Podcast #002 - [NTBD] Tonight Live at ~11PM! EDT!

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All MIA Podcast #002 - [NTBD] Tonight Live at ~11PM! EDT! 

Join us tonight for our second episode of the All MIA Podcast! Expect some talk about PAX East which some of us went to this weekend, as well as our usual jibber jabber! So join us on our live stream at 11PM EST! When the show is over we'll play our traditional Post Show Game! Maybe I'll play Shen and totally suck at it! Who knows!


If you haven't subscribed to us on iTunes yet, you can do so by fallowing this link:
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If you want to be more informed as to when the podcast is going to be recorded live, you can fallow the podcast on twitter @allmiapodcast. You can fallow me (your host!) on twitter as well @paradoxstream

Each week we'll be answering emails sent to us by people like you! But in order to do that, we need your emails! So shoot us a question, comment, or rant to our email address

If you like what you see here, please keep the thread bumped! The more people we get to listen, the better! Also, remember, if your tuning in live every week you get to see us fail miserably in a post podcast game! Which is always good fun  

Thanks again for your support!

Shen says "GET OVER HERE!" and I can't help but listen!

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With this new patch comes the new hero Shen, as well as two new skins that make him look vary much like some classic fighting game characters!  I'll let you figure that out who for your self. Also in with this new patch is a hand full of new skins including Red Barron Corky and Mr. Mundoverse! Both of which look vary vary cool. This is a great week for new stuff on the store, be ready to have your wallets fiscally raped!

The patch notes are REALLY interesting, and I'm sure we'll have some talking to do about the new Hymer come Monday night! We had a good chat about how we all feel about Flash this past Monday, and it looks like it was just in time for this patch, expect us to touch on that subject once more with this new Flash nurf. You can also expect me to be playing Shen in our Podcast Post Game, seeing as how I can't help but buy him day one! His skins are far to cool. Check below for the full patch notes list!

League of Legends and will be updated during scheduled downtime on 3/24.

New Skins in the Store

  • Red Baron Corki
  • Mr. Mundoverse
  • Yellow Jacket Shen
  • Frozen Shen v1.08.10

  • Several optimizations have been made resulting in quicker login, load times, and page transitions
  • Added an option to turn off the login screen animations
  • Added an option to turn off the page transition animations.
  • Fixed a bug where you could see other player's IP/XP rewards from their recent games.
  • The Play button is now orange instead of blue to help new users reach the Play Game menu.
  • Players who are logged out by Customer Support will now receive a message indicating that their account is under review.
  • Fixed several bugs related to leaving at the end of Champion Selection

League of Legends v1.0.0.81

Particle and Network Improvements
We've made networking optimizations in order to reduce the lag and latency for some players. In addition, the particle system has been improved to provide better performance for some machines in areas that have a high density of particles. This is most noticeable near the top of Twisted Treeline, but general performance should also improve.

Shen, The Eye of Twilight

  • Vorpal Blade – Hits a target enemy for magic damage, and marks the target for allies to see. Allied units that attack the marked enemy target get healed over several seconds.
  • Feint - Shen defends against the next champion attack or spell, blocking much of the damage from it.
  • Shadow Dash - Shen dashes towards target location, taunting enemies he passes through.
  • Stand United (ultimate) - Shen places a shield on himself and on a target ally which absorbs damage. After channeling for several seconds, Shen teleports to the target ally.
  • Ki Strike (passive) - Every 8 seconds, Shen’s next attack deals bonus damage based on his max health. Being attacked by enemy champions makes this passive occur more frequently.


  • Stats:
    • Base Armor increased to 15 from 12
    • Base Damage increased to 49 from 47
    • Base Mana Regeneration increased to .9 from .8
    • Movement Speed increased to 305 from 300
  • Mystic Shot base damage increased to 40/65/90/115/140 from 40/60/80/100/120
  • Essence Flux missile width increased to 120 from 100
  • Arcane Shift closest unit targeting range increased to 750 from 650
  • Arcane Shift mana cost reduced to 90 from 100
  • Rising Spell Force duration increased to 6 from 5


  • Fixed a bug in which Barrel Roll would detonate Teemo's mushrooms.


  • H-28G Evolution Turret (remake)
    • Green turrets now spawn at level 3 and 4 of this skill, reducing Armor and Magic Resist on hit. Red Turrets spawn at level 5 and cause area of effect damage on hit.
    • Turrets damage increased to 28/36/44/52/60 from 20/26/32/38/44
    • Turrets now attack 50% faster for the first 6 seconds after placement
    • Max turrets lowered to 1/2/2/3/3 from 2/3/4/5/6
    • New missile particles added for green and red turrets
  • Hextech Micro-Rockets
    • Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds at all levels from 20
    • Rockets now hit the 3 nearest enemy minions or Champions, instead of just Champions
    • Fires 3 rockets at all levels
    • Ability Power Coefficient reduced to 0.55 from 0.8 to accomodate the significant cooldown reduction
    • Base damage reduced to 85/135/185/235/285 from 90/150/210/270/330
  • UPGRADE!!! (remake)
    • UPGRADE!!! retains the 10/15/20% cooldown reduction passive
    • On activation, all existing Evolution Turrets are healed for 100% of their max hit points. In addition, all existing Evolution Turrets begin fire 20/25/30% movement slowing missiles for 10 seconds.
    • Mana cost 90 at all levels
    • Cooldown is 120/105/90


  • New "Choose Me" voice over in


  • Puncturing Taunt now displays the "Taunted!" pop up text for enemies


  • Increased the range on Two-Shiv Poison's active to 625 from 600

Summoner Spells

  • Flash range reduced to 425 from 475


The All MIA Podcast - A podcast about League of Legends!

   Our sweet logo, yeah its sweet. 
   Our sweet logo, yeah its sweet. 


All MIA Podcast #001 - Push Button, Receive Podcast!

I come to bring you the first ever episode of the All MIA Podcast! We talk about the up coming rotation change, and the new heroes it brings, as well as some posts from the forms. We get off topic a little bit, but its all in the name of good discussion! If you missed out on our live recording Monday, you can catch the whole thing (edited for your consumption!) via the RSS link in our website.

If you like what you hear, please subscribe! Just plug the RSS URL (  ) in to your favorite podcasting app (zune, itunes, whateva!) so you can get updates every week! If you want to be more informed as to when the podcast is going to be recorded live, you can fallow the podcast on twitter @ allmiapodcast . You can fallow me (your host!) on twitter as well @mia_paradox

Each week we'll be answering emails sent to us by people like you! But in order to do that, we need your emails! So shoot us a question, comment, or rant to our email address

If you like what you see here, please keep the thread bumped! The more people we get to listen, the better! Also, remember, if your tuning in live every week you get to see us fail miserably in a post podcast game! Which is always good fun  

Thanks again for your support! 

Dota: The Clone Wars

 In the beginning, there was Dota, and it was good. For a long time, it lived on as a custom map for WarCraft 3. This strange fusion of RTS, Team Play, and RPG forged a large fan base that to this day secretly rivals many other online multiplayer games.  But as of recently we have seen a rise in full fledged, retail, Dota spin-offs. Companies all over are starting to realize just how large the player base for this custom Warcarft 3 map is, and wants to carve out a peace for them selfs.   
The first of these games to come out was Demigod, a game created by the minds behind Supreme Commander, Gas Powered Games. This Dota Clone took the idea extremely loosely and didn't capitalize on some of the strengths Dota has. One of the major downsides to Demigod was its Hero Pool. In Dota, there are well over 90 heroes to pick from, each one bringing its own roll and unique play style to the match. Though, in Demigod's favor, these heroes were added in over the years and have had many revisions and balance tweaks. It would be a hard task to reach that number for the launch of a game. Even so, the starting hero pool for Demigod around eight heroes in total. In a game like this, seeing the same heroes over and over again can lead a person to get bored or frustrated quickly.  
Demigod Also had a strange focus on creep spawns, base upgrades, and creep upgrades that I feel diminished the effectiveness of the heroes them selfs. One of the many constants that exist in Dota were the Creeps. Over time they would grow more powerful on there own and were vary predictable. Early game they can pose a threat of you're not careful, late game they can be easily farmed for gold. In Demigod, the creeps seemed to always be a constant threat if upgraded, and it was possible to gain more creep spawns. It felt more like you were managing your creep waves to push the base, then pushing a base your self.  
All in all Demigod was a poor recreation of this new genera that was emerging in on the gaming landscape, but some one had to take that fist step. For a while, Demigod was the only true Next Gen Dota experience you could get your hands on. But true Dota fans wouldn't be satisfied with a cheep knock off. Over the passing months after Demigod's release word was spreading of a new Dota Clone, making bold claims such as "The next master peace from the minds of Dota All Stars!" in there advertisements. With  Steve “Guinsoo” Feak, one of the original upkeepers of Dota Allstars, Riot Games hopes to stake claim to there own peace of the Dota pie with the game League of Legends. 
Having one of the head creators of the original Dota Allstars on your Dev Team should give you an advantage when making a Dota Clone. An advantage I'm sure Gas Powered Games wished they had when making Demigod. However, just because you worked on Dota, doesn't mean you can make a great Dota Clone. That isn't to say League of Legends is an awful game, or that it isn't capturing the magic of dota, but it makes some interesting choices that in the long run will leave true Dota players wanting more.  
The one major issue many Dota fans are going to have with League of Legends out of the box is that it is a free to play game. I can hear you already "What!? How can that be an issue?! Its free! Everyone knows Dota Players use the 'Dota is Free' mantra when confronted with a Dota Clone!"  So how does that make any sense you might ask? Well consider this for a moment; If you were to hop on BNet to play a game of Dota, only to find out that 75% of the Hero Pool was locked out unless you "earned" them in game through play time, would you keep playing? I don't think the typical Dota player would. Thats just what Riot Games has done with there game. They have a fair amount of heroes to pick from, but once the game goes live, most of those heroes will be locked out unless you buy them with points you earn in game. You can however, buy these points with real cash if you so wished.  This brakes up the dynamics of picking a good team, and making sure your team has synergy. The last thing I wan't to hear from some one is "I'd pick Zues, but I haven't unlocked him yet."
On top of all this Riot Games has created an interesting but flawed persistent aspect to LoL that creates a gap between players based on time invested in the game. As you play online, your main profile gains EXP, and eventually levels up. As you level your profile up you can put points in to WoW style Talent Trees, which modify your heroes slightly, and can make your Profile Spells more powerful. At the start of a match you can pick these spells to have on any character, but you only get two at a time. Sadly the only one I ever saw being used was the Heal spell. I cursed the skies every time a player casted that heal and escaped my gank attempt.  The higher level they were, the more it healed for.  This leads to some heroes being extremely effective, when in most cases they wouldn't be.  There are other aspects of the game that don't seem to fit right either, but they're not nearly as set in stone as these persistent mechanics are. In the long run I feel that this persistent aspect of the game will hinder the competitive aspect of LoL.  
So is there any hope that Dota Fans will ever get a truly great Dota Clone? The short answer is, Yes! From the makers of Savage 1 and Savage 2, comes Heroes of Newerth by S2 Games. Funny enough, S2 games has no "Guinsoo" in there pocket. What they do have though, is a deep love and understanding for what makes Dota so good, and what will attract  hard core dota players. One of the things that makes hooking Dota players is that Dota players fear change. They have been playing Dota for YEARS, they know all the items, and all the heroes, and could traverse the map blind if they needed too. S2 Games realizes this, and makes a bold move by taking the Dota Map, most (if not all) of its best Items, and some of the most iconic and fun heroes from Dota and doing near 1 to 1 recreations of them in there game. Everything from Stats, to Tree Placement is almost exact. This really helps old school dota players feel right at home. Once they learn the new names for heroes they know and items they want they can start enjoying some of the new things HoN brings to the table.  
But HoN isn't just a port of Dota to a new game engine. S2 has also taken to time to create some of there own heroes with there own unique play styles, as well as new Items that are interesting and worth getting. Currently HoN is still in beta, but its shows more promise then LoL and Demigod combined. One thing that S2 seems to know how to do well, is support a community. Despite the small fallowing Savage 2 has, they still press on and update the game as needed. I'm sure there experience with creating niche games also comes in handy. Savage is not your typical game, as its trying to fuse FPS and RTS in to one bizarre game experience. Players may not have latched on to the FPS/RTS styling's of Savage, but Dota has shown that there can be players for new and interesting genre of games. Hopefully S2 has what it takes to capture that audiance.  
Don't think for a second though that this Dota Craze is over. Just because S2 seems to have hit the nail on the head with HoN doesn't mean people still wont try there hand at cloning Dota. In recent news, it was announced that the current keeper of Dota Allstars will be joining the Valve team to create his own game. Its likely that this too will be another shot at a Dota Clone, and given Valves history, they could hit this one out of the park. 


Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

The Stick in Question
The Stick in Question
So I managed to find my self a SC4 Hori Arcade stick. While, it is a bit much (almost $55) Its definitly going to make playing SC much easier. One of the things that drives me nuts about playing SC is that I use a drastically different control setup then the one in the defult settings. I don't have the figure dextarity to hit some of the button combos on that setup, so I have things like BK and AB on the triggers, along with the two grabs on the sholder buttons. Kick is on Y and vert and horizontal are on X and B respectivly. Every time I go over some ones house I have to pause the game at the start of the match and set up my controls or else im going to get my shit handed to me. Its annoying for everyone, my buddys have to wait for me to dick with contorls, and if I dont get it right then I have do it again, and then they have to switch it all back when I pass the controler. But now that I have an Arcade Stick, most of that should be done with.

OoOoOo Dig has all the hot RA3 content we need!

NEW Leaked Red Alert 3 Beta Footage watch! — A few minutes of gameplay for the new highly anticipated Command and Conquer game. It looks at least as good as Starcraft 2!
Oooo LEAKED RA3 VIDEO! I am in the beta, so I couldn't care less, what strikes me as funny here is that he called it LEAKED. Its a public beta with no NDA, you can't call something like that leaked.
I just spent way to much time commenting on that article... the guy fails for mentioning it looking almost as good as StarCraft 2, so now the thread is full of SC2 fan's digging down people who might actually like the game.

RA3 Beta First Impressions

This is a cross post from the RA3 forums. The thread can be found here.

Faction Build Mechanics and Tech Systems.

So tonight me and two other friends got beta invites. Once we got the game installed and patched we started up a match. I played as Empire, while the other two picked Sovs and Allies. Empire is a whole new kind of beast. They totally bring the StarCraft game play feel in to the RA universe while still staying true to classic RA mechanics. Empire has vast number of tactics at its disposal right from the start, do to having zero reliance on build radius. If I wanted to pop a Barracks up in your base, I could, assuming your blind as hell. While the Empire have the advantage of fast expanding and limitless map control, they way they go about it has its own risks. Each building you make comes out as a Nanocore, which is a little vehicle that you must command to move and deploy in an area. The Nanocore is extremely week when its not deploying making it vary easy to snipe a players building before its done. The Nanocores build rather fast, and have the whole building cost paid for up front. The deploy time is where the waiting comes in. Each nanocore has a deploy time equal to what its build time would be. When it comes to Teching up, the Empire require that each building be upgraded to allow more advanced units to be created from that building. If you want T2 units from a warfactor, you must upgrade that factory. This allows the empire to only buy upgrades as needed. They can easily gain high tech units with out advancing far down the tree.

Some small things to note about the game is that EALA has done away with 100 credits = 1 second. The only buildings that fall under that formula is the Refinery's. This brings me to the econ system. In RA3 the econ is EXTREMELY simple. You start with 2 Ore Mines near your base. When you build a refinery and go to place it, you will get a shadowy over lay, showing you where exactly you should place it, to gain the optimal of Credits per second. You only ever need one harvester per refinery. Harvesters on each faction have cool ability's as well. The Sovs harvester has the ability to deploy armor all over the harvester, reducing the damage it takes by a lot, and slowing its speed, it can not harvest in this mode. The Empire's harvester can flip over its ore tanks to deploy guns to defend against infantry and light vehicals. It too can not harvest while in this mode. For the Allies, it acts as there means of expansion. Do to the way Allies gain map control and tech, they are extremely reliant on there Outposts that are made from Prospecters (there harvester unit). The only way a player can gain more build radius as a Allie player is to make an MCV or a Outpost. Also, Allies are limited in tech as well. When teching up, the Allies must upgrade either an Outpost or a MCV to gain higher clearance to more high tech units. All buildings in the area around the out post or the MCV are then upgraded. But if you move your MCV or lose your outpost you lose all the Tech to thouse buildings. To compensate for this, the Allies have the classic side bar ability's to build buildings off the map and place them as soon as there done. Allowing them to "insta pop" base defenses in a tight situation. But again, this buildings can't be placed in areas that are not cleared for that kind of High Tech. This prevents them from base crawling with there defenses.

To wrap up the general build and tech mechanics of the factions, I'll move on to the Sovs. The soves are a mix of Empire and Alliance play styles. While the soves don't have as many freedoms as the empire may have when expanding, they have a much easier time with map control then the Allies. Every building the Sovs can build gives you build radios. The catch is that every building must be built on the play field. This allows players to catch you building something important and blow it up before you can use it. On top of this, the sovs are the only faction to gain a cheep and effective way of gaining another Build Queue. While the empire and the Allies must buy a MCV, the soves have a Crusher Crain, which acts as a Grinder from RA2:YR and a Crain from CNC3. You can command units to enter the crusher to gain money back after it dies. Sovs have a classic tech system as well, the only requirement to unlock the higher tier units is to advance down the tree. First you need a super conductor, and second you need a tech center. After this you have all 3 tiers available too you.

Powers and Abilitys

From what Ive seen so far, every unit in the game feels vary useful. From the Dogs and Bears, to the transports and tanks. Everything has an ability to help you turn the tide of a battle. Having an ability on every unit can be vary overwhelming, but when you start to learn how these powers can shift the tide of war in your favor it opens up a whole new game. There is a great attention to detail in all of these ability's. Such as the dog bark, which stuns the dog and the infantry around it, but the dog comes out of his stun just before the other units, allowing you to take out at least one unit before the others wake. These ability's fall in to 2 types: Toggles (like the Harvester Armor for Sovs, or the Peace Keeper Shields), and Activated (telling your Dog to Bark, or blasting infantry away with Yuriko).

But where powers truly shine is when you start getting points to advance down your "tech trees". These trees allow you to unlock new powers that will allow you to torment your opponent. Each team has 3 trees in which the can advance down, and they gain points over time, based on how much agro there gaining and giving to other players. Two out of the 3 starting ability's upgrade units that you build. These upgrades are static and apply to all units in play and units built afterwords, and they are always on. The last ability is usually something helpful. For the Sovs they get an ability that will mark units in an area for bounty, and killing them will grant you money. Allies gain fast moving scout jets, that move across the map in the direction you tell them too, showing you everything in the line they draw as they fly across. And... I can't remember what the Empire get! From there though, you gain a new ability at T2, and T3 4 and 5 upgrade that ability, while T6 gives you a really awesome ability. Some of the ability's I used tonight included the Mega Magnet ability that would suck ships, tanks, and other mechanical units in to space as the Sovs. Later, you gain the Junk Satellite ability that takes all the tanks and boats you just sucked up and rains them back down causing massive damage to anything in the area. For Allies, one ability I used was called the Chrono-somethingorother (its late, bare with me haha) on the allies side. This power would cause units and buildings to be removed from play for a set time. This proved to be vary useful if I was looking to stop units invading my base long enough to get help, or to lock down defenses or power plants long enough to get units in to a base. For Empire, there was a Kamikaze air squad that you could summon. They would fly across the map to your target, shooting anything they came across, when they reached there destination they would blow up and crash land on the target dealing damage to anything near it. These ability's would be upgraded over the next few tries, and would lead up to great powers that fallowed a similar mechanic (chono swap for example. Last Tier in the chrono powers, allows you to swap two of your units. You could use this to unpack your MCV and swap it with a unit you have on the other side of the map, allowing you to escape in a pinch.)

Overall Thoughts

RA3 is by far EALA's greatest RTS. The amount they have learned from CNC3 and KW is astonishing, and you can see every inch of the communitys suggestions in this game. More ability's, new econ system, new build mechanics, all have been suggested time and time again for the Tib games of late. All of that information has been collected and compiled in to RA3, making it a fun, and competitive RTS. But it must be kept in mind that this is still a beta. There are definitely bugs that require fixing. One thing I've noticed is that selling off your buildings to end a match instead of being killed off will result in a game lock up. I am however vary pleased with the new online system. The net code seems solid and so far Desynks and connection issues could be a thing of the past. I can say for sure that EALA may have a set date, but they are by no means "rushing it out the door". I have to give EALA some credit, they do a hell of a lot for the games. Even though I wasn't impressed with CNC3 or KW they still manage to feature some awesome community stuff every month. What gets me all excited is that now I know they will be offering the same level of community features for a game that is literally 200% better then there last two games. One might say, they have beaten 100%


QOTD: Thought of some more

Ok, so I would love alerts about EVERYTHING. Like, If some one makes a comment on my page or even a comment on another person page, I should have an email sent to me, and a message sent to my inbox on the site. Obviously comments on my page should have the email attached to it, while comments on other peoples page's shouldn't. But i've been conditioned by Facebook in a way that allows me to except the idea that a website is going to literally stalk me as I use it, and allow me to see what everyone else i know is doing on the site as soon as they do it.

Also, showing what my friends are doing when I'm viewing my profile page instead of all the things I did should be the way it works. There are a lot of similarity's between the way the Feed works here, and the way the feed works at FaceBook. I think this is a great idea, its a good place to draw inspiration from. Putting what my friends are doing right in my face when I'm at my profile is a good way of making me check out that content.

also I think it would be cool to have a "Favorite Game" option. It could be named something else like "Game of the Moment" but it could be used as a feature that would show people what I'm currently really in to. Like, right now I am balls deep in to RA3. Just got a beta invite, super hyped for this game to come out, I would set that as my Favorite game for right now, and on my main profile page it would show that some where. It would also show it in my mini profile as I post on the forums (under the avatar and such). This would let others see what I'm in to, and maybe check it out by fallowing it back to its page on the site.

While we already have Favorite Forms, this Favorite Game feature could be tied in to the Forums section, placing a link some where in the Forums menu that would link you right to your favorite game's forum.

I also think there should be a better way of displaying some of the things I do on the site in my profile, with out having to navigate the menu to see it. Maybe have a list that shows up some where, maybe its just icons next to my Name on the profile's main page, that show the top 5 things I have gotten points from. Or the last thing I have edited.

Some small additions would be nice as well. Some times I want to just upload some new images to my profile with out having to jump through the hoops of going to my profile page, click the "images" link, and then clicking on "add images". Having short cuts to just adding images on the main profile would be great.

Also, some basic functionality for image organization would be great. I should be able to mass edit images I have uploaded, and easily add and remove images from my gallery's. Right now I have to go to an image, click edit, change its Gallery, go to the next image, and do that all over again. Having the ability to check off a list of images while in thumbnail mode and then telling all of them to go to a gallery would be great.

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