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Best of 2010

My personal top ten of games in 2010

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  • Bayonetta might not technically be the best game of 2010, but it is the game I had the most fun with. Hi-Speed action and witch time was so much fun.

  • I am a huge fighting game fan and Blazblue is my current favorite. Although I hadn't had the time to delve into it as much as the first game, Continuum Shift expands on everything the first game made great. I love it.

  • Turning the Pac-Man standarts on its head, Pac-Man CEDX is the most addicted I have been to a game this year. Although I had a stack of games to play, I rather played only this gem for two weeks straight. Can't wait for the other titles in this retro revival series.

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a feast of creative ideas and perfect level design.

  • Fantastic level design and not a single frustrating moment can be found in this masterpiece.

  • Team Meat are sadist, but I love them for that.

  • Unlike most people, I loved Final Fantasy XIII. To me the battle system was way more exciting than any other RPG.

  • The latest Dragon Quest is a little on story, but combines all my favorite parts of Japanese RPGs.

  • The best PlayStation Mini is a fast paced Shoot'em Up with some interesting new ideas and a great sense of humor.

  • Although the story didn't come together in the end, this was a fantastic game and an excellent experiment in nonlinear story telling in video games.