2016 GOTY

Here's my 2016 top 10 GOTY list!

List items

  • From playing the beta in May, instantly fell in love with the characters, the music, and the gameplay

  • Pleasantly surprised with the outcome, now absolutely love this game to the core

  • Randomly discovered thanks to Steam Recommendations, one of the best stories in a game over the past couple of years

  • Fantastic expansion and great tie up to my game of the generation

  • After years of bouncing off and multiple attempts, WoW finally clicked with me thanks to Legion

  • Really fun game to play with other people, enhanced my summer greatly as I went out and explored new places

  • Amazing gameplay with far too many hiccups and not enough content. Excited for Season 2

  • One of the scariest games I've seen for years. Had me on edge the entire time, a brilliant piece of art

  • By this point I must have been Souls'd out. After 100%ing all previous games including Bloodborne, the Souls fatigue caught up to me. Yet to finish but enjoyed much of what I played

  • Randomly installed, LOVED the music and the overall aesthetic. Hope to put in more time soon as FFXIV and WoW dominated the MMO space for me this year