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2017 GOTY

Writing down the list of games I've played this year and I forgot how many fantastic games came out this year. Just seeing the what I've had to cut to make this into a top 10 seems criminal withthe quality of games I've missed. I've got some honourable mentions that didn't quite cut it for one reason or another:

Mario Odyssey:

I haven't got round to playing Odyssey yet as I'm saving it for Christmas, however I just know what I'm going to love it and it will probably be one of my favourite games from this year.

LA Noire Remastered:

I haven't actually played this, more I've been watching Aris (AvoidingThePuddle) stream it on Twitch. Needless to say it's a lot of fun and looks really nice.

Emily is Away Too:

This game brought back amazing memories of music and instant messaging in the mid 2000's. It also bought with it the bittersweet feeling of teen depression and made me feel crummy for days. I absolutely adore a game that can make me feel an emotion, and for that it 100% deserves a mention.

Doki Doki Literature Club:

Fuck this game.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0:

I struggled to decide whether or not this qualified for my list and ultimately ended up deciding that even though it had a "2.0" update, it's still the same game. I still play this regularly though and the changes made this year were welcome ones.


With that out the way, here is my 2017 GOTY top 10 list!

List items

  • I don't really know what I can say about Yakuza 0. This is one of the best games I've ever played, period. Within the past year I've played 3, 4, and 5 from the series, and this has blown them away entirely. The story is perfection, and I cried more than once which I never do at video games. All of the characters are amazing and written so well, both the main characters have great character arcs that even though you might know where they end up from playing the other games, you really appreciate how they got there and what they had to go through. You absolutely owe it to yourself to play Yakuza 0, it's an experience you won't ever forget.

  • Tekken 7 is amazing and blew away all my expectations. I've loved Tekken since I was a little lad, my first being 2 which was a staple in my childhood. I did however very much dislike 6 and TTT2, and I'm going to assume that is because I was ignorant to actually learning the finer points of the game. Since playing T7 this year I can safely say it's one of my favourite fighting games of all time. I'm slightly disappointed in the post-launch support but not too much as the base game is a lot of fun to play and the tournaments are a great watch.

  • I enjoyed Nier Automata a lot, mostly for the references to Nier and the music. I don't feel the story impacted me perhaps as much as others, but the ending was wonderful and made me feel all tingly inside. If you can power through the main 4 or 5 endings, it's definitely worth the time. A lot of people say not to but I HIGHLY recommend playing through Nier first. There were things I appreciated so much more playing through that and it really added to my experience.

  • I'm a big fan of all RE games, even 5 and 6 which are often not too well liked. I enjoyed Resident Evil 7 a lot. I find it hard to compare it to all other mainline RE games as it is entirely different. I loved everything from the reveal and demo being released and the community working out theories as to how to discover the rest. The story was interesting and I'm looking forward to the DLC. The enemy variety or lack thereof was disappointing in a series that originated with multiple scary monsters. I'm excited to see where the franchise goes next.

  • I like Breath of the Wild. I don't think it's amazing. It's probably one of my least favourite Zelda games of all time. I'm not a fan of the dungeon layout, I don't like the weapon system or fact that the difficulty at the start is based around that rather than personal skill. The style, graphics, and music however are stellar and make up for the things that I don't like about it. The final encounter is also very good.

  • I love Shovel Knight and Plague of Shadows, so naturally I had to pick this up when it was released alongside the Switch. I didn't enjoy Specter of Torment as much as the others, as I found the controls frustrating. Whether it's a sign of me growing older or just not being good at the game, it wasn't as enjoyable for me as the other games. Still, being back in this world was great fun and I really like the fact that they're starting to expand the story.

  • This game is adorable and probably my favourite phone game from this year. The music is so charming and everything about it is incredibly cute.

  • I wasn't the biggest fan of the first Evil Within. I replayed it on the run up to 2 and actually enjoyed it much more playing on an easier difficulty. What really impressed me was the Kidman DLCs which were phenomenal. Evil Within 2 picked up where those left off and was an enjoyable ride throughout. This is a very solid game and a franchise I hope continues.

  • The second Yakuza game on this list, I can safely say it would be higher had I not been Yakuza'd out after finishing 5 and 0 this year. Kiwami is a fantastic game that I will likely finish and love in 2018.

  • Nioh makes my list this year due to it being released on PC with the Complete Edition. I didn't pick up Nioh on release as I heavily disliked the technical alpha, however after countless recommendations I decided to give it a go last week and am really enjoying it. I'm only about 3 hours in, but I love the gameplay even going so far to say it plays better than games that are similar.