2018 GOTY

Another year has come and gone, and once again I have found it difficult to give a lot of time to many of the amazing games released in 2018. Big titles such as God of War, Spiderman, and RDR2 have slipped past without so much as a blink from me, not for any reason other than availability and time. The majority of my year was dominated by a few fantastic multiplayer experiences with some great single player ones sat on the periphery. I have a few honorable mentions once again this year.

TEKKEN 7 (Season 2)

I feel as though I have to leave this off of the list as it isn't a full-blown game release, however we did see new characters, new mechanics, and new balances changes. I still play TEKKEN 7 weekly with friends and it remains one of the most fun and challenging games. Still the best fighting game on the market for me.

Devil May Cry (HD Collection, PC)

I've never actually played the first Devil May Cry, so when the DMC HD collection was released on Steam this year I felt like it was a great time hot off the announcement of DMC5. DMC was and still is a fantastic game and looking at it all these years later, you can really see the Resident Evil in it.

Yakuza 0 (PC)

Yakuza 0 released on Steam this year. Please play Yakuza 0.

Castlevania Requiem (PS4)

While it may not have been a package with bells and whistles, Castlevania Symphony of the Night still remains one of the greatest video games I have ever played. It's hard not to purchase a new version whenever it's released.


With that out of the way, here is my list of top 10 games for 2018!

List items

  • If you'd have told me at the start of this year that my most played game of 2018 would be Call of Duty, I wouldn't have believed it. But here we are.

    The core reason it boils down to here is Blackout. It usually takes me a while to get on board with the zeitgeist in gaming. I never touched H1Z1 or PUBG, and I dabbled in Fortnite but it never gripped me. Seeing what Treyarch could do in the AAA gaming space with a Battle Royale was exactly what it needed, and I haven't looked back since. Blops 4's Blackout mode is a nightly mainstay since it's release, and I am absolutely still not tired of it. There's something about outlasting 99 other players in a single match and the satisfaction you get even from a single kill that makes it so alluring. I hope they carry this over to next year's installment as I would hate for progress to be wiped every year with the advent of a new title in the franchise.

    I can safely say I am tired of the CoD multiplayer formula, but Blackout has reinvigorated my interest in this franchise more than I would have ever anticipated.

  • Every inch of Dragon Ball FighterZ is a love letter to DBZ/Super and it's fans. When I saw the reveal at E3 last year I don't remember the last time I was so excited for a game. As an avid fan of previous installments from Raging Blast to Xenoverse, a fully fledged fighting game was a much welcome breathe of fresh air and ArcSys absolutely did justice to the source material and gave everything I could have possibly wanted as a Dragon Ball fan.

  • Kiwami 2 rates higher than Yakuza 6 as I enjoyed the story more, and it features the return of my favourite video game mini-game; the cabaret club. It was my first time experiencing the full Yakuza 2 story and is every bit as batshit crazy as you'd expect. I don't have much else to say about it other than I hope they continue the trend of these remasters, because SEGA are knocking it out of the park right now.

  • Yakuza 6 is a beautiful story and in my opinion, a fantastic end to the series. My absolute biggest gripe with this game (and there will be spoilers here) is the lack of returning key characters playing a big role. I spent the majority of the game just waiting for certain people to turn up, only for them not to. I'm a big fan of the new characters they created and introduced to us, but for the closure of Kiryu's story I feel like they should have featured others a lot more than they did.

    Even so, if you're a fan of the Yakuza games without question you would have already played this.

  • A large part of my year at the beginning was spent playing Vermintide 2 with some friends. I'd never touched the first Vermintide, and had no real interest in the second one until I played it. It's some pretty dumb fun with a neat level of challenge. As much as they probably tire of hearing it, it's very much a game modeled after Left4Dead and brings with it the same level of replayability. I can't say I've touched it after the first month or so, but I got more than my money's worth with the 50 or so hours I spent with it.

  • I've barely played Let's Go but as an avid Pokemon Go player and lifelong Pokemon fan, I play this game through teary nostalgic eyes. I love Pokemon and will do until the day I die.

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is my favourite Smash game since Melee. It's hard to fault a game with a roster spanning the entire history of Nintendo and beyond. The amount of care that went into crafting this is remarkable really. My biggest gripe is that I suck at it.

  • I wish I had some more time to put into Monster Hunter World. It's a wonderfully intricate game with an impossible amount of content. I am definitely excited for the expansion next year, and hope to sink some more time into it in the early weeks of January.

  • Curse of the Moon was a great surprise this year and a great return from IGA. Castlevania is one of my favourite franchises of all time, and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon does a fantastic job of capturing the feeling of pre-Metroidvania style Castlevania games from the music to the gameplay and enemy design.

  • I love dinosaurs. This game let's you take care of dinoboys. I like it. In all seriousness this is practically a sequel to one of my favourite PC games "Jurassic Park Operation Genesis". All of the dinosaurs look beautiful and outside of the occasional AI behavior issues, look and act as you'd expect. The presence of classic JP music and Jeff Goldblum adds a nice layer of nostalgia.