2020 GOTY

What needs to be said about this year has already been said. Through furlough and spending all year at home I've gotten back in love with games in a big way, particularly JRPGs. This year saw me playing FF8 for the first time and revisiting some beloved classics of mine such as Skies of Arcadia. As per usual, I have some honourable mentions;

Metal Gear Solid

MGS1 was released on GOG this year and was actually my first foray into speedrunning. Getting a time submitted to the speedruns.com leaderboard was a great achievement for me and helped me to explore other games that I've always wanted to speedrun.

Crash Team Racing

I've had a lot of time to consume streams this year, and I've watched CTR the most. Through these streams I've been introduced to an absolutely wonderful community of amazing and talented people that have really helped through this tough year. I hope this continues into next year.

League of Legends

I got into League in a big way this year and while I have since dropped off, it will always have a soft spot in my heart. The characters are still some of my favourite ever and they continue to kill it with their content outside of the game like KDA.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R

My fighting game of choice for this year, now with rollback! Such a crisp and fun to play game and I hope that feeling carries over to Strive when it launches in 2021.


Now on to the list!

List items

  • I've barely touched Y7 (literally like 5 hours) but from what I played, it's already a wonderfully crafted game with a compelling story. I'm excited to get stuck into it in 2021 and fully experience what it offers.

  • GBVS is a great Street Fighter-esc fighting game with a simplified combo system allowing focus on fighting game "fundamentals" such as pokes, anti-airs, and punishes. I greatly enjoyed my time with this early in 2020 and would have stuck with it far more if the netplay was better and I enjoyed the variety of cast more.

  • The Crash series was very important to me in 2020, and with the release of Crash 4 it capped it off nicely. Crash 4 is a wonderful casual game with some great set pieces, really good music, and a love letter to the series many of us grew up with.

  • Animal Crossing is another game I watched a lot of this year but didn't play. In a year so drab, ACNH offered a much needed escape full of everything cute and some truly lovely music which I often find myself humming throughout the day.

  • Hyrule Warriors remains one of my favourite games. When Age of Calamity was announced, I was over the moon. While it is slightly different to the OG game, it mimics the game style of Breath of the Wild so well. I wish BOTW actually played more like this in fact. Really great combat that keeps me wanting to play over and over.

  • Genshin Impact is the game I spent the most time playing in 2020 by far. I adore so much about this game, but it has so many glaring issues I can't put it any higher. At it's core however, Genshin Impact delivers a fantastic gameplay experience with great character designs and a surprisingly stellar soundtrack. The gameplay loop is satisfying enough to keep me coming back daily and the exploration aspects are phenomenal. Lots of people make the reference to Breath of the Wild, and I feel like this has refined many aspects of that game that I wish were present in BOTW.

  • P5 is without a doubt one of my favourite games of all time. P5D is just more of that. This isn't higher on the list because there's just not enough new, but the new it does add is beautiful. The new characters are incredible and the changes to gameplay are to be applauded. P5R will go down as one of the best games of this generation.

  • A game completely out of left field, Fall Guys was a breath of fresh air this year and probably my favourite multiplayer game. It's cute, it's fun, it has a banging OST. I still play it regularly into 2021 and see myself playing it much more.

  • I am blown away by how much they added to Doom Eternal from Doom 2016. From a pure gameplay perspective, this was the most fun and satisfaction I had from games this year. The core gameplay loop is so much fun I played for hours and hours even after finishing the campaign, and even beat it on Ultra Nightmare. The DLC was a great challenge and I cannot wait for more Doom Eternal in the future. I haven't even mentioned the soundtrack which is probably the best one of the year. Doom Eternal's OST is in regular listening rotation and will remain for years to come.

  • FF7 Remake is my game of the year. I don't remember the last time I was so emotional playing a video game. I don't have the right words to describe my feelings for this game but for me this is one of the most "complete" packages for how it all gels together. Music, characters, environment, storytelling, gameplay, everything is just so perfect for me.