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@Grivah: Yeah. I've played through it multiple times on the 360 and haven't run into too many things that have hindered the experience with the exception of the boat scene. For SH3 though, the voices fall out of sync at times and the sound skips and the frame rate dips horribly any time I use a submachine gun or a flamethrower and it stands out so bad that I purposely avoid using them. I'm hoping for a future patch that will address these issues. :\

I'm right with you on the fog issue. It doesn't seem worse at all. In fact, I think there's actually more fog in this version if anything, with the exception of a few cutscenes.

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@Sackmanjones: Yeah. I guess saying that it was terrible is a little harsh. I still had a decent time with it and the graphics were awesome. Was just extremely disappointed by it. The story wasn't all that interesting to me and the complete lack of any sort of scares in favor of more action was not something I appreciated. RE4 wasn't horrifying by any means, but it was tense at moments and had good atmosphere and the Regeneraters were pretty freaky. And RE5 just didn't capture any of that for me. I'm not a huge RE fan so maybe my opinion isn't quite so valid since I've only played 1, 2, and 4 before I played 5. Also, couldn't help facepalming when they responded to the racist claims by adding Sheva, but then at one point in the game I found myself fighting African natives covered in dirt and body paint and wearing grass skirts.

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I don't know if this is true, but in one review the guy said he was actually able to complete the entire mission by going invisible and sprinting past the enemies and that it worked because at each checkpoint all enemies that had spawned beforehand would disappear. Sounds pretty broken. This game didn't appeal to me in the slightest as RE5 was terrible and Capcom has been pretty horrible recently (SFxT for instance).

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Got it at midnight. (was the ONLY one. Everyone else was there for Raccoon City -_-) SH2 Looks much better and it feels like the fog is even better thanks to lighting being enhanced a bit. As for SH3, there is a little less fog and everything is smoothed out a little more in order to look better. Also the brightness was cranked up a bit, but a quick trip to the options menu fixed that. As much as fans as a whole don't want to give it a chance, the new voice acting for SH2 is much much better and actually improves the experience (played with original first, then new). As for SH3, it's not tons better, but Douglas' voice isn't terrible now. I highly suggest it if you haven't played them before or want it for a current gen console.

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Agreed. You know to ignore the review when it's from IGN. SH 2 is one of my favorite games ever and even though I don't feel that this game holds a candle to it in almost every category, I still had a good time with it and think that it's flaws don't hold it back from being a good game. Also, if they mostly whined about the combat in a silent hill game, all credibility goes out the window. And the soundtrack is actually decent aside from the Korn song and whatever the other song is that plays in the credits along with it. I just wish the songs were more common and louder as the game is quiet unless you listen to a radio.

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@TentPole: Yeah I mostly agree. The combat in this game is actually worse than the original Silent hills. The enemies almost always block your attacks and then flail at you before you can block. I actually only died a couple of times playing with combat set to hard, and they were environmental deaths. I don't really have a problem with discouraging combat but if they do that they really shouldn't do what they did with a certain part towards the end where it forces you to fight in order to move on.

In fact, Amnesia scared me far more than any other game ever has. Where as most of them either made me tense or made me nervous for a few minutes, amnesia scared me to the point of actually screaming and kicking my desk in panic. The main reason behind that I think is that you can't defend yourself. Also the atmosphere was perfect...that might have helped. Anyway, SH2 is in my top three favorite games ever because although other games were able to frighten me a little, the story and deep symbolism actually kept me up at night thinking about it and no game's story has ever done that to me before.

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@dezvous: Completely agree. Set the action to easy. I've played through the game three times (1st: Act:Norm Puzzles:Norm; 2nd: Act:easy Puzzles:Hard; 3rd: Act:Hard Puzzles:Norm) and done all of the side quests and gotten all of the endings. My second playthrough was the most enjoyable I'd say since the combat really is a lot easier to ignore. The only problem I had with hard difficulty on puzzles was the police car puzzle because it changed the codes from doable to completely unreadable and made it into a guessing game for me. My main issue with the game is that I think the crappy combat is done so on purpose as a throwback to old SH games, therefore encouraging you to run from enemies which is much more intense. The problem there is that the game has a problem with detecting when you're wanting to flee from enemies. If you run away, you'll notice that when you hold the run button Murphy will eventually go from jogging to full-on sprinting like he does in the otherworld chase sequences. Unfortunately, for me atleast, most of the time Murphy doesn't increase his speed in encounters until after I've been clawed in the face or had a screamer jump on my back a couple of times. This doesn't always happen, but it does most of the time.

I've got a few problem with the game, but overall I loved it and don't regret getting it day one.

Also, that gramophone side-quest you mentioned was my favorite moment of the entire game. Very creative and was the only time the game truly creeped me out other than maybe the achievement name for the autistic girl sidequest.

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*SPOILER* (Sorry don't know how to do the hide content thing first time posting)

Although that sounds interesting, there is a police report that gives info of a man in his forties that kidnapped, sexual assaulted, and murdered a boy under the age of 14. This is presumably Napier, and the boy is Charlie (Murphy's son). The reason for Murphy going to prison was for stealing a police cruiser and he did this so he could have a chance at getting close to Napier even though he is separated from the other prisoners.

I may be wrong, but this is coming from someone that's beaten the game three times and has gotten all the endings (you can reload your last save after beating it to make the other end-game choice and experience a different ending). Good game btw. Flawed, but a whole lot better than any silent hill after the 4th.