Out sailing

Not much gaming these days as I'm at the sea attending sea trials for a new ship in some forgotten place in western Norway (my old homeplace actually). Had my vita with me but that one died.. so I have to write this instead and oufcorse I made a small update on my other socalled private blog (can a blog be truly private??). http://www.pastajensen.at/?p=770 read it if you like I :)

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The view from my cabin...


My new and shiny plaything (PS VITA).

And there it arrived. My wife found out BTW, O´noes!

I of course had to find out that a locally store have these on offer for 150€ in the weekend. Luckily it was only the base system w/o memory card or games, so I somehow came out even.. (at least that´s what I´m telling my self). My first impression is good

If you like it you can read the whole post (now with pictures!) on my site :) If not then, well I might fell a tear..


Vita on the way

Ordered from Amazon.it that is!

I just could´t keep my fingers away, I blame the blog of an old acquaintance of mine.. That said I´we been considering it for a while now but what made me go for it was the new PS+ feature and there is finaly enough games to keep me interested (LBP, Assassins Creed and Uncharted). The price was also ok, 180€ bundled with LBP and I opted for a 16Gb memory card for 39€ (proprietary FTW!).

Please don´t tell my wife..


Yea yea, I´m still alive as I was in 2010..

Wow. long time no see. Been a couple of busy years, raising a child, building a house ect.. But away from a great family I also have a new gaming/media room All my consoles, great TV and sound system installed. Just some finishing touches and it´s perfect.


Still alive

Whoa, got my "wife" back today.. Somehow it's impossible to keep the house tidy enough for her.. But hey! I guess I improved somewhat she did not kill me this time, that must count for something I guess?
Anyway enjoying my last few weeks as a "gamer" then it's back to the real life earning money and rasing a famlily; Peter style! ;-)
Btw Borderlands is the big hit rigth now, anyone that can recomend the DLC's for this game?


We all have to start somewhere..


The clock is ticking, almost got a daughter today but we managed to let her wait a few more weeks or so.. I mean she will get enough time to explore the world! Anyway while waiting for my better half I selebrate my 32 years by drinking a beer and playing live with my brothers, atleast it takes my mind of for a short time.


Life is abaout to take a new scary but exiting direction.