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My Favorite Games of 1999

Everyone has their favorites, These are mine.

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  • This was the first game I ever beat in one sitting. Mostly because it needed a memory card attachment and I didn't own one. So I literally had to play the game all night to beat the game.

  • Yo! You like cars? Fuck ferraries, you want a punch buggy! Racing throgh the mountains, cities and fucking with nature through tiny cars. Go nuts man.

  • Here's the game that got me into cool stories. You get to play as a soul sucking blue dyed vampire looking to get back at the asshole named Kain who killed him while monologing everything.

    Really it confused me as a kid but I liked it for its story and made me persevere and by a strategy guide. It was 1999, I didn't firm concept of the internet.

    Not to mention this is where this francise made sense before it went into the time travel weird stuff and everything kind of went crazy. But whatever its still cool.

  • I didn't understand this game when I played it, really it had those kinds mechanics that 10 year old probably wouldn't understand or at least 10 year old me. But when I got into it, I didn't realize how deep this game is?

    A lot of story fans say this is the best game with a story and their not wrong it has kick ass story about life, rebirth and whole bunch of psychological and philosophical themes. All of which flew over my head the first time around.

    But I would say its worth a playthrough, it takes a bit to get into it, but once you, well you do. Maybe. depends how much you read into it.

  • Oh yeah, here's my childhood. I literally hit a kid to play this game. I was kind of shit back then. But I still like this game. It was the first sonic game I ever played and I became a fan. Not one of those crazy fans, but enough to make me want to play more.

    Nowadays its a relic, so many things I never noticed are now glaring and its kind of broken game. But fuck it, I like it and nostalgia has blinded me from all it faults. Except the lip synch, its hilarious.

  • I think most people like the 3 and 4th games more then this. But it had that sense of simplicity of just skating through the park or factory or mall and just having fun with combos.

    Screw the HD version its PS1 or N64 or nothing. Not to mention whats a better song to listen to then Superman by Goldfinger.

    Do you know a better song to skate too? I didn't think so.

  • Would it be weird that I found Lammy cute when I was young? I mean I know she's a deer and had weird teenage problems.

    Hormones aside, the game was fun, It was game that got me really into rock songs despite how weird its songs were. And they were weird, go watch one of the cutscenes and tell me i'm wrong; this game still had enough of a challenge to be memorable and I would love to see a sequel.

    That and more Lammy... fuck you, I have issues.

  • Oh yes, the game everyone either hates or loves. I forget which, the internet is fickle. But I like this game, I hate the final boss, but I love the sense of adventure as three friends try to reunite while fighting an ant army.

    Its that sense of adventure that makes me love it. Besides its got a dog with jet pack boots that later turns into a mini tank. How do you not love that?

  • Okay, I didn't play this when it came out, I got this back when it came out on the Xbox 360, but its got that nice diverse cast of characters that I like and it feels a like nice grounded fighter that kind of strikes between Virtua fighter and Street fighter.

    Cool shit.