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I dreamed I was in TF2...

That's me in the middle.
That's me in the middle.

Last night, my girlfriend had to stay at her apartment because she had to get up very early to go to Anaheim for an exam, so I was sleeping alone. For some reason, I dreamed about Team Fortress 2. But not like I was playing it, like I was in it. It was pretty much awesome. I was Spy, then Scout, then Spy again. Yes, those are my favorite two jobs in the game. So... here's to hoping I have another TF2 dream tonight, and that Valve updates the Scout or Spy in their next update.

And yes, apparently I dream about videogames. Dorky? Yes. Do I care? No. It's schweeeeeeet!

(See, I just quoted Super Paper Mario, doesn't get much dorkier than that.)