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A Disappointing Remaster On The PS4 0

Let me say firstly, I loved Crysis when it first came out in 2007 on PC, and because of that, I find this remaster on the PS4 to be a massive disappointment.From poor performance, even in "Performance mode" the frame rate has severe drops, even when just walking or running around the map. To serious texture pop-ins, the game screams that it isn't fully developed for the PS4 Pro. If I change the graphic options to either "Graphics" or "Ray Tracing", then the games frame rate has severe drops, dur...

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Shooting Evolved And Puzzles Solved 0

When Doom (2016) came out, I was full of praise that the game stuck to its old school roots while still evolving the gameplay mechanics, and now with Doom Eternal were are presented with the next evolution of the series. So what has changed since the last game? It has been twenty years storywise since the previous game. Well, instead of Mars we're now on Earth post the demonic invasion. The Doom Guy has learned to climb walls, a new dash has a new flamethrower on his shoulder (great for getting ...

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Another Life Is Just A Credit Away 0

Developers Hi-Bit Studios called it a coming-of-age story with 198X, told through multiple games and genres. What that means is five loosely connected arcade games channelling the likes Outrun, Gradius, R-Type, Final Fight and Ninja Spirit, plus a dungeon-crawling RPG, all in the service of a larger story. There is a higher fidelity to the art and animation then actual ‘80s arcade games, though it isn’t jarringly obvious.198X just drips with style, a style that's carried through from...

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The Pinnacle Of What Interactive Storytelling Can Do 0

Since The Witcher series is based on a series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski the game already has well-developed lore to explore and cherry pick from to create a narrative based game that, for lack of a better phrase, does feel like you're playing a great fantasy novel.Though this game was released worldwide in May 2015 and despite me pre-ordering it on the PSN store I didn't get around to playing it till August 2016 when I was two weeks vacation from work and poured myself into the game, spendin...

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Why Did You Climb It? Because It's There! 0

From a purely visual point of view, it would be easy to dismiss Celeste as another run of the mill neo-retro indie game. But once you start to play, you'll soon realise that while it does wear its influences on its sleeve, it does something that very few retro games ever did, tell a profound and thought-provoking story.Celeste is a 2D platform game in which players control a girl named Madeline as she makes her way up a mountain while avoiding various deadly obstacles. Along with jumping and cli...

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Shot, Reload, Redesign, Reset, Reboot. 0

The gameplay mechanics of Destiny are near perfect. The shooting feels great, the double jump is awesome, even the melee attack has a wonderful punch to it (no pun intended).You have three classes to choose from: Hunters are designed to be a bounty hunter with a focus on agility and mobility.Warlocks are designed as a mage, or a space wizard, with a larger focus on offensive abilities, recovery, and melee attacks that can reduce the cooldown time of its abilities.Titans are designed to be "tanks...

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Demonic Invasion At An Awesome Level 0

The impact of the original Doom on the games industry can never be over emphasised. It wasn't the creator of the first person shooter genre as we know it, but it was the game that made the general public aware of the genre. So much was its influence that we called all other FPS games "Doom Clones"Over the years the genre has evolved from something that was more action based to something that is more story and set piece driven. It's the whole moment's verses scenes argument, and which one can cr...

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Where Are My Comrades?! - My Thoughts On MGO 0

I could start this by saying all the cliche stuff about it like:The game features 16-player online battles. Players can upgrade skills that their character can use such as hacking, CQC mastery, tomfoolery, enhanced lock-on, and more, all of which can be levelled up. The player can keep tabs on allies and enemies with nanomachines.Players will have the ability to "hack" another player's character to steal information from their nanomachines, such as the locations of his/her allies. This is how th...

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Back From The Park - Thoughts About Crysis 2 0

I finally sat down during my time off and both played and finished Crysis 2. I did play the first few levels of the game when it first launched but the DX10 version had some annoying glitches, such as a flickering effect that took place in any outdoor daytime scenes. I recently found out that the reason for this glitch was because I am using a dual graphic card setup. So a patch was released and I downloaded it, and it fixed it.So when I knew I had two weeks’ vacation coming up, I always ...

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