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I still can't believe this. I want to think it's one big, elaborate joke. But I guess it's time to face the facts. This hit me like a sack full of bricks. I saw the title on my Facebook feed and I just shut down. Of course, I never met Ryan, but I sure did hope to one day. Like most of the users of this site, I can't even begin to count the number of hours of entertainment Ryan brought to my life. His mischievous, playfully mean yet loving personality was one of the biggest things that drew me to this site to begin with. This is a tremendous loss for Giant Bomb, games journalism in general, and the game industry at large.

I've never lost a friend, and I hope I never have to lose one this suddenly. I can't imagine what Ryan's wife, his family, and his friends are going through right now. I desperately hope that it can be some small condolence for them to see the extraordinary number of people around the web that have been touched, in some small way, by Ryan. He will be sorely missed.